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Noticing that the young girl who entered the room in a white robe immediately went to the child, Olga quickly hugged and kissed her son.
“Stay here a week and I’ll take you,” she said.
Well, let’s go? – smiled girl in white coat, taking Kolya by the hand.

Olga handed the girl a big bag with Kolina clothes and personal items.
Sorry, but we do not allow anything home, – the girl refused with a guilty smile, – We have our own clothes and hygiene items.
The girl attracted Kohl to another room.
The boy wondered who she was doing here.
Despite the white coat and the serious face of a girl of fifteen or sixteen, it was still too early to work as a nurse.
Sit bye here, ”said the girl, leaving Kohl in a small room filled with several rows of chairs. German sex webcam.

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