Has glen campbell passed away.

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Now the orgasm came in three girls at the same time.
Having a little rested, the teacher untied Julia, instead holding her light but very durable chains, put the same strapon on her face like Nina’s, and then ordered to fuck herself in her pussy and ass.
Orgasm surpassed even yesterday.

Resting, Natasha did not let her friends get bored.
Putting them in position sixty-nine, she made them fuck each other in the ass.
A few lashes immediately convinced them to get down to business, and even fueled the enthusiasm.
Then Natasha made them lick her pussy and ass, drink her urine, pee on each other and lick each other, and at the same time the floor, using the whip in the event of the slightest objection.
Only at nine o’clock in the evening was Natasha untied her exhausted friends and allowed her to leave.
Nina and Yulia were so exhausted that there could be no question of any resistance.
Especially to take away a videocamera and the captured films.
– Relax till tomorrow! – she admonished the girls.
– And after the lessons I am waiting for you, you know the address.
– As you say, Madam! – the girls answered, dressing.
What else does this bitch come up with on their heads: and that which is much lower?
At first I saw the glow of Ilyich’s collar glasses, then I examined him too.
At least his face.
And he looked like at me.
I felt cold and shrunk, but there was no reaction.
Then I began to fumble around, staring around the corner.
Almost over I heard a lightened exhalation, and someone shuffled along the gravel path.

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A meter from my nose, right in the middle of the walkway, right next to the wall of the school was a thick turd.
And near her legs.
In women’s sandals.
I almost sprained my head to see what was higher.
She stood to me as if not entirely half-turned, I saw her a little behind.
With her hands, she propped up her lower back, as my mom does when she gets tired of standing in a furrow and straightens up.
She was wearing a dress, but the whole skirt was gathered at the waist.
Panties hung strung on his knees with legs wide apart.
Her ass was trembling.
It was Olya Vakar.
Immediately everything mixed up in me.
bewilderment, disgust, disgust, something else.
And something strange was happening to me.
Pisyun turned stone, as after those pictures that Iron brought last year.
I stopped breathing.
Probably good, because it was ominously close to shit.
How did I not smell before ?! I probably would have died of respiratory arrest, but then Palych came around the corner.
– What, pervert, did not hang still? Ilyich, groaning, disappeared from sight.
Then he came out at Palycha behind his back.
– I fucking everything.
Come fucking right now fucking be earned.
You clean up then fucking! Olya silently pulled on her panties, but at the same time put one hand in the back and let go of the dress.
In order not to get dirty, I guessed.
Everyone hid around the corner.
I climbed back and thought.
It was hard to think.
On the one hand a mystery.
What games? Why is Ilyich a pervert? Although no, this is just understandable.
What does it mean Palych? Why did he not punish Lenin, did not even shout at him? Or on Olga? And why does Olya do it? And most importantly, what will happen next ??? I circled the bushes, looked out from around the corner of the school.
there was no one, most likely they had already entered the school.
Through the main entrance.
I clamped my nose with my hand and, trying not to breathe, returned to the shit.
She was just awesome.

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I now understood the Iron.
It is necessary not to shit for three days, so much shit has accumulated. Has glen campbell passed away.

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