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For some time, Galya gently kissed the inner surface of her thighs, where the skin is like the most delicate downy angora, or the skin of a sea moray, or the breath from her beloved mouth.
Then, as if in a pool, having rushed, she stuck to her open gates and drank her juices and, apparently, mine too.
Nadia, moaning, stroked her hair, scattering her on the carpet.

She put her foot on the back of Gale, and so they swam and sailed into the distance, to the new delightful, exotic, sultry, intoxicating shores.
I felt ready for a new journey.
When I entered my beloved Galya, these were waves with white sheep, fresh wind, splashes flying in my face and a heeling horizon in the distance.
I climbed the crest of a wave and rolled down, then rose again and again found myself in the low of the ramparts, from where only the sky above my head could be seen.

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It lasted for quite a while, and I wished it to be forever.
Nadia spread her legs wide and lifted them at the highest point of her bliss, and she gave my Gali’s mouth to drink with her hot juice, and her thighs calmed down from the sweet rhythmic tides to her beloved’s mouth.
My journey is not over yet.
Bronze in the light of the fireplace body rose before my eyes to retire to the bedroom.
We decided to retire to the bed, to the white sheets, where everything was as it should be for a long journey.
Emaciated lips kiss how sweet it was to cuddle in the glasses of cold champagne that I brought from the canopy of our house.
This blessed moisture cooled the heated bodies, and I splashed on them, on my delightful wife and on my beloved Nadya, in order to lick this nectar from a mixture of bodily moisture and wine from my divine concubines with the wonderful breast.

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My head was spinning, and I felt an extraordinary rise.
I want you, and I whispered you to them, as in a fever, and heard the words of love in response.
It took a little time, as the air thickened with passion and excitement.
Lying on my back, I pulled Nadia close to me and entered her slowly, pushing her depths.
Groaning, she lay back.
And at that moment Galya, thirsting for my love, sat in my mouth, as it had done before, but not together with the other, and pressed her heavenly hill to my mouth.
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