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The female was at the other end of the body and it was too lazy to go.
I took a pack of cigarettes from my purse and, looking around, opened the door.
Fortunately there was no one inside.

I stood by the window, took out a cigarette and began to smoke slowly.
My poetic thoughtfulness was cut off by the door that had suddenly opened to the toilet.

I was frightened and tried to jump out of the toilet, but two pairs of men’s hands did not give me that.
These guys were clearly older than the course and clearly did not show much knowledge.
“Hey, who is here with us? Do you know that girls can not go into the men’s room? Now we will punish you.
“- said one of them, smiling (or something like that, I don’t remember exactly).
A blush filled my face and, with my eyes downcast, I began to mumble something.
They say I will not, asked to let me go.
Now I understand that it looked unconvincing.
The first patient took me by the jaw and said harshly something like: “If you are a good girl, and if you suck, you let go.

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If you yell, you’ll get the cuffs and we’ll fuck you here. ”
I screamed and rushed to the exit.
I was strongly pushed into the shoulder, and I fell to the floor, having previously hit a wall.
The first one bent over me again, again took my jaw and weighed a couple of weighty slaps.
Tears had already filled my eyes, and he was looking.
It seemed that he saw through me, and he did not care for what I told him.
In general, I decided to no longer exercise amateur and fulfill all the conditions of my rapists.
They took me to a booth, put me on a dirty toilet.
A second later, two members appeared in front of me and my hands laid on them.
I did not resist, it became even interesting a little.
I was told to suck.
I must admit that at that time I never sucked anyone, and for me it was crazy.
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