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“Come live, bitch,” the fat woman squints at me viciously.
– Or do you want me to call your mother at work and tell me what her damn daughter is having fun with? – No, please, the doctor is not necessary! I squeakly wail.
– I’ll show you everything.

– Of course you show, whore anal.
– her Asian eyes had turned viciously oily.
– Repeat again when and how did you start to fuck your ass? – Years at 16, my mother’s hairbrush with a wide handle.
No matter how ashamed and humiliating I am of everything that is happening, I feel a strange, emotional lightness in the lower abdomen, at the same time I notice how my vagina begins to warm up.
– Mother comb means in the holes of your ebanye suesh yes? Good whore! – she looks at me with contempt, lying in front of her with fingers in the ass, in a bra alone, which, incidentally, does not help to close the breast.
– Well, ka show? Take your fingers out of your hole, you have enough time to play enough, I promise you.
I obediently pull my fingers out of my ass and am just going to fix my bra with my hands as I hear it.
– Stretch your ass, show me your fucking holes. Again, obediently, I gently take myself by the buttock and pull

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it up a little.
– Stronger slut I pull stronger.
– Yes, you rastaskala your ass, whore anal.
Your mother would be in shock – You promised! – I almost cry and jump on the couch, seeing as she reaches for the phone standing on the table – Pick up a nurse, slut! She takes something from the table, and it turns out to be viewing gloves, – Get up on the couch with cancer, head down, ass up, hands behind your back alive.

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“Okay,” I sob and turn my back to her, get up on all fours, the couch is hard and my knees hurt, lay face down on the cold surface, feel my butt and vagina open to her eyes in all its glory and it seems to me that I blush very much .
– Good fucking.
– she walks somewhere behind me.
– Stay right, put your hands on your ass and stretch it to the sides.
I do as she says.
And she turns out to be standing right behind me, and as soon as I spread my heavy buttocks, she literally stuck her whole finger in my ass all at once.
Sharply and at full length: – Oh! I scream out of surprise just backing forward – Come on, – she starts to twist a finger in my ass then to the left, then to the right.
You have a hand that already fits. How did you get her?
nothing i will wean you in the ass fuck yourself bitch.
Something, spitefully mumbling to himself, he goes over some tools with his free hand and their steel gnash makes me squeeze everything inside me.
The second hand, he continues to wield in my ass.
she has already inserted two fingers and unceremoniously twists them in my rectum.
org) It hurts me and I scream.
– What? Doesn’t plaquer like it when someone else’s hands are in her ass? With these words, she strongly lays on the arm with all the weight so that the fingers fall into my ass to the very palm – Uffff.
– breaks out with me.
– Nothing, slut, you want to keep a secret, be patient.
– An old lesbian whispers angrily and breathlessly, stuffing three fingers into my butt that grabs the air.
It hurts me and I wrinkle my eyes closed.
With his other hand, he roughly grabs my pubic hair and pulls me down so hard, my vagina again makes a smacking sound.
– Good fucking! – her delight is not very clear to me, either because of unpleasant sensations or from the whole situation.
Continuing to wield fingers in my pope, then she shoved them all at once and abruptly to their full length, she declares: “Well, now we will wash you and begin,” with these words she added the fourth finger. Hijab sexy webcam.

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