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It is necessary that someone hold the baby, said Tanya to the girls.
Let me, – Alena volunteered, – Pull the toddler by the arms and legs? Better hold the legs up like for washing, – the nurse advised, – So you can hold the toddler with one hand.
I probably won’t hold one, ”Alena said uncertainly, lifting up my legs.

Hold on! – Tanya smiled, – Tighten the kid legs to the stomach.
Yeah, like that.
In this position, the child cannot fidget, because he has only one point of support – the back.
And pens? – asked Natasha.
The hands of such small ones are still weak,

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– the nurse explained, – How will he push them away if the legs and torso are pressed to the table? Karapuz now they can only knock on the table.
Alena pressed me to the table even more.
Realizing my complete helplessness, I wept bitterly.
Do not pay attention, – the nurse told the girls, – Everyone is so roaring, especially for the first time.
Again, I felt other people’s fingers raise my pussy.
In the next moment an unusual sensation appeared, like a strong urge in a small way.
Slowly insert the wand inside, – explained the nurse, – That’s it.
Until it rests.
Now, a little twist in different directions and can be removed.
We take out too slowly, holding the handles with the fingers.
To squeeze the cotton and leave all the oil inside.
It’s really simple, – Natasha agreed, – If the boy was still lying quietly.
And do not say, – Alena sighed, – Yelling like shredded.
Now, with our fingers, we gently remember the pisinchik so that the oil gets everywhere, ”the nurse continued,“ And you can delay the skin.
Also very slowly and carefully.
Unable to endure unpleasant manipulations with my pussy, I roared even louder.
This time, I drew off a little further than during bathing, – said Natasha, – Or did it just seem to me? “A couple of millimeters further,” the nurse confirmed. “See how the tip of the head was bare? The boys are all so cleverly arranged, – Alena laughed.

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We’ll hold it a little bit, ”the nurse smiled,“ And we put the skin back into place. ”
So, a couple of millimeters, gradually and open.
The main thing is not to hurry.
Does he need to do this procedure every day? – clarified Natasha.
Every day, the nurse confirmed, “It’s best to go right after bathing.
Or put for ten minutes in a bowl of warm water.
Steam skin to become elastic.
Everything is clear, – Natasha said, – Pretty simple procedure.
True, I don’t know how we can cope with a boy without you.
Now you will demonstrate it to me, – Tanya smiled, – You will make the child a procedure in my presence.
I want to see how you and your sister remembered everything.
The nurse gave Natasha her place at the table.
Seeing that she took a cotton swab out of the box, I again went into hysterics.
So sorry for the baby, – Alena smiled apologetically.
Alena unexpectedly turned into a playpen in the corner of the room.
Bring me that train out, ”she asked her older sister.
This one, red? – Natasha asked, going to the playpen, and returning with a bright toy.
Look, Sasha, what a train, ”Alena told me affectionately, taking the red train from her sister,“ Chukh-chukh-chukh, chukh-chukh-chukh.
Surprised how quickly the girl managed to turn my attention to the toy, I calmed down for a moment, but feeling unpleasant manipulations with my pussy, roared with a new force.
Not to calm in any way, – Alena sighed, having thrust a nipple into my mouth.
I spat out the pacifier, still crying.
The procedure was not sick, but very unpleasant.
Not to mention the insult that adults spend all day with me what they want.
I know what to play with you, – Alena smiled.
The girl folded her fingers in the “goat.”
There is a horned goat, a goat is goading, – she began affectionately, – Wake up, grieve, wager.
After waiting for me to stop crying, Alena barely noticeably nodded to her elder sister and I felt that she resumed manipulations with my pussy, from which I immediately strongly wanted a little.
The soreness was so acute that I roared again.
Do you know how best to distract a small child during unpleasant procedures? – the nurse smiled, – Tickling.
Now I will try, ”Alyona revived.“ Natasha and I have already learned all the ticklish places of Sasha.
Alena smiled slyly and began to play with my fingers with my balls.
An unbearable tickling instantly made me goose bumps.
Well, completely introduced? – the nurse asked Natasha, – Twist the wand in different directions.
Like this? – Natasha smiled, having started to move with a cotton swab in my pussy.
For half a minute I had to endure unpleasant manipulations, which dramatically increased the urge to write. Hot sex free online.

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