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I also quickly hid my farm.
Tatyana Viktorvna, meet me, this is my friend – Kolya, – I took the teacher by the hand, and turned her around to face Kolya.
The teacher threw me a displeased look.

Good morning, – Kolya croaked, staring at her appearance.
And there was

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something to look at.
Tatyana Viktorovna managed only to hide her breasts with her bra, the blouse of her blouse was unbuttoned.
Her mouth was wet and her lipstick was slightly smeared on her lips, adding to the teacher depravity and sexuality.
Hello, – Tatyana Viktorovna shortly threw, from excitement and excitement she was a little insane.
She tried to fasten, but I quickly stopped this attempt.
Tatyana Viktorovna, I think that you look great anyway.
Yes, Kohl? – I said, releasing her hands, and opening the blouse in such a way that her breasts were clearly visible.
Yes, so great.
– Kohl literally devoured her eyes.
The teacher again looked inquiringly at me, clearly not understanding what was happening.
I winked at her, and slapped on the ass from behind with the words “everything is fine.”
Seeing how she was worried and worried, I decided to calm her down: Tatyana Viktorovna, relax, Kolya will not tell anyone.
Yes, Tatyana Viktorovna, I am not a word to anyone.
The grave.
And you, Tatyana Viktorovna, agree to silence, to make Kolya pleasant? – I continued the performance, pulling the chest in my hand, trying to free her from her bra.
Yes, I agree, – the teacher mumbled readily, already clearly aware of what was so pleasant.

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it is required to do.
I propose to seal these promises with a solemn kiss, – and I pushed Tatiana Viktorovna to Kolya.
The teacher hesitantly approached him, and after a moment, they were already kissing.
Colin’s hands were on her waist, and he timidly tried to hug the teacher.
This scene turned me on.
I stood behind them, and Tatyana Viktorovna was closer to me.
I approached her from behind, clasping my elastic ass with my hand.
Having crushed her right buttock a little, I squeezed her crotch with my palm, and through the fabric of the skirt I began to rub her cunt.
Meanwhile, Colin’s hands grew bolder, and began to descend down to her bottom.
I had to remove my own so as not to disturb him.
And now Kolya, with both hands, squeezed the teacher’s ass.
Not long, really – the second hand disappeared, he must have tried her breast.
It became interesting to me, and I walked around them from the side.
Indeed, Kohl right hand pawed her left breast.
The kiss dragged on, and I decided to break them.
Well, I think that’s enough.
We assume that the credentials are awarded.
The teacher responded faster, and tried to pull away from Kolya’s hands.
But Kohl, apparently, got a taste, and did not want to let go of Tatyana Viktorovna from himself.
I had to put my hand on his shoulder, and literally pull aside.
Kolya, we did not come here for this.
True? Kohl gradually began to return to reality, and reluctantly released the teacher.
As soon as Kohl took a step away from the teacher, she threw a questioning glance at me, saying that what to do next.
I returned, and again located behind Tatyana Viktorovna.
He hugged her, put his head on his shoulder, and with both hands, powerfully, hugged the young woman by her breasts: Well, did Kolya, did you like to kiss Tatyana Viktorovna? Yes, Toch, I would kiss her once more.
Now you believe that I fuck our librarian and teacher of literature? – I asked, rolling the bra under the chest.
Aha, now I believe that, – Kolya lasciviously stared at her, already excited nipples.
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