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She bent over the mother-in-law’s buttocks and began to kiss them and caress her anus with her tongue.
My member has long been eager for a rifle.
I took off my pants and shirt and in thongs, stockings and belt approached my wife from behind.

I began to caress her buttocks.
Her thong is already wet.
I pulled the strip aside and began to massage her labia.
Zhenya sagged, and tried to implant on my fingers.
I did not let her do it.
But still he wetted his fingers with juice and began to massage the anus.
Zhenya licked mom’s ass and moaned, caving in under the caresses of my fingers.
My mother eagerly licked her lips and granddaughter’s clitoris.
Yulia lay with her eyes closed and caressed her breast with one hand, pinching her nipple, and the other pressed her grandmother’s head to her crotch.
So cool! Ufff.
Such a delicate tongue.
– moaning daughter.
I slapped my wife in the ass and went in the direction of my daughter.
He took off his shirts and broisl them next to the sofa.
Then he got up on the sofa, stepped over the body of his daughter, who was fascinated by the caress of her grandmother and gave her her testicles.
Julia, open your eyes.
Caress my testicles, – I asked.
With pleasure, dad.
– answered the daughter and having a little raised herself began to lick my scrotum.
She sucked each testicle one at a time and sucked it.
Pull her lips down.
Then she took on another.
I slowly masturbated at this time.
Then he felt as Julia pushes my buttocks apart with her hands and now her tongue already caresses my hole.
I sat down to make my daughter more comfortable.
But the pleasure did not last long, because after a minute, Julia’s body began to shake and the daughter, having made a groan, went limp.
Mom continued to gently lick the lips of her granddaughter’s lips, without touching the clitoris.
Then she took her sister-in-law by her hair and pushed her away.

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Okay, stop grinding my ass already.
– said mom.
– Dear come to me.
I haven’t tried your dick for a long time, – my mother has already turned to me.
I knelt in front of my mother and she quickly swallowed the head first, and then the whole trunk.
Evgenia stood beside her and watched her mother-in-law sucking off her son.
Yulia lay on the sofa next to her and stroked her crack.
Dad, spread your legs – asked daughter.
I got up and sat on my lap wider.
I felt my daughter’s slippery fingers trying to penetrate my hole.
I tried to relax and let in a finger.
But my mother removed Yulenka’s hand from my butt.
Honey, wait a bit.
Now our bitch with her tongue will help your dad.
Really, Zhenya? – explained grandmother, interrupting blowjob.
Zhenya, without saying a word, climbed onto the sofa, with her head in my ass, and soon I felt her yazchok on my anus.
Great feeling.
Your mother sucks your front, and your wife licks you from behind.
Daughter, it’s time for you to try your grandmother, ”I said, and nodded in the direction of my mother’s left backside.
The daughter quickly jumped off the couch and dropped to her knees, clutching her buttocks.
Spreading them, she began passionately licking her grandmother’s crotch.
Honey, do not forget about the second hole.
She also likes being licked, ”Grandma prompted her granddaughter.
Julia moved higher and her tongue began to lick the back hole.
Then again sank to the genital lips and clitoris.
Seeing all this, I could not hold back for a long time

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and pressed my mother to my pubic hair.
Realizing that I was going to finish, my mother relaxed my throat and swallowed my whole trunk.
Zhenya, take my balls! – I almost screamed.
The wife moved a little higher and her lips wrapped around the testicles began to suck on them.
And her tongue in my anus replaced the finger.
Couldn’t wait anymore.
I began to shoot into the mother’s throat.
Ahhh, bitch.
So cool.
How cool to finish in your mouth.
– I moaned and poured my mother’s streams of sperm down the throat.
She obediently waited until I finished.
Then she pulled away and licked her lips, again began to lick my head.
After sucking the remnants of sperm, she looked down where her granddaughter was licking her clit and sponge.
I was still sitting on my wife’s face, and she was licking my testicles.
But feeling that she was already breathing heavily, I was crying.
Mom, where are your toys? – I asked.
Wait, honey.
I am now.
– mom moaned and pressed her granddaughter’s head to her crotch.
The mother’s body beat in convulsions.
Julia did not stop until her grandmother calmed down completely.
Then she crawled out from under her and sat on the floor in Turkish, caressing herself with her fingers. Indian online sex live.

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