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In a hoarse voice, I said: “Glory!” I want to take by mouth.
– I also really want this – he answered – but we did not wash.
-I want to spit and everything.

I bent my head to the Slavkin member, gently pulled the foreskin.
A slightly harsh, tart smell of male flesh hit his nose.
Before my eyes in all its glory stood a stunning organ with a large crimson head.

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At first he touched the edge of the mushroom with his lips, then with his tongue he walked from the stirrup down the trunk.
The salty taste in the mouth and the smell inflamed my desire even more, and I swallowed the whole member.
Being in some kind of prostration, as if from the side, I could contemplate myself.
Here I am in bed with a man.
Here I am completely naked and he.
I kiss a man hickey.
And finally – I suck YOI my friend as the last fucking, as some fagot, and that is strange – I like it terribly! I FUCK! I am GOMIK! I am anyone and I feel good and sweet from just one thought about it.
Glory for a long time could not just lie.
Turning my ass to himself, he eagerly set to work.
From the beginning, I processed my testicles with my tongue, and then took my dick into my mouth.

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As, it turned out to be very convenient to suck each other at the same time, and very nice.
But it could not go on for long.
I felt the near end and pulled my young man out of the mouth of Glory.
– What are you, give it to me.
I want to suck it to the end.
Cum in my mouth.
– Wait – I answered – I want to try everything.
Fuck me in the ass.
“But I want it too.”
My ass is ready to accept you for a long time.
Enter me.
With these words, Slava got on all fours, pulling his elastic ass far back, showing the dark opening of the anus.
I could not resist and pressed my lips to his hole.
An electric charge passed through my lover’s body when my tongue penetrated his gut.
Hands, I gently jerked off a member of Glory.
He was ready to finish, but I stopped on time.
Putting my head to the anus, I slowly began to introduce my penis into the gut.
At first it caused pain, but after a pause I continued on my way.
At this time, Slavkin’s member went limp, but with my own hands I quickly regained his form.
I entered on the very basis and already fucked his ass in full, jerking off a member of my partner.
Slava enjoyed the process for about ten minutes, then said: – Klas, I am no longer a virgin, I became a woman.
Now it’s your turn Vlad.
I did not have to beg for a long time.
I lay on my back, threw my legs high up, clasping their hands, opening to caress access to my anal.
Glory began to lick my hole, then moved to the testicles.
I was freaking out at the time.
Slava introduced the index finger into me, then two, and massaged them inside me.
Pre-wetting his dick with saliva, he slowly nonstop entered me. Korean live sex show.

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