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They took turns to undress, because they had to hold Petrov’s mother by the arms, legs, breasts and ass.
One of them lay on his back, and the second sat MarIvann right on his flagpole.
Petrova-mother gasped, but the second man, not allowing her to come to her senses, smeared her anus with an unknown gel that had come from, and entered the second hole.

MarIvanovna gasped and groaned.
ESE perched on the side and forced her to take the dick in her mouth.
Dear mother Petrov fucked in all holes.
Now she no longer gasped, did not groan, but only moaned, whether from indignation, or from pleasure, but none of the men fucking her was interested.
But Petrov, the girl’s father, the teachers took the white hands and took to the side of the painting group the “rape of a member of the parent committee” (I mean, MarIvanny).
The director’s office was large, there would be enough space on the carpet for several groups that were fucking together.
San Sanych was laid back on the carpet, one of the teachers sat down with a crotch on his face (licking!), A friend sat on his pennant, first rocking him two or three times to raise the tone.

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Sarah dug a kiss into SanSanych’s nipple (she had nowhere else to dig in this position).
Practically, teachers of Petrov’s father are just like teachers — Petrova’s mother.
When Mom and Dad of Petrovs were left out, they were wiped with respectful scented napkins with respect, dressed, seated to the table and poured over a small one.
The director winked slyly, and the entire teaching staff of this group sex shouted: – April Fools – no one believes! – First April – do not trust anyone! Teachers and teachers sneer.
The director, bared, said: – Ra-zy-gra-li! Your boys are still doing well.
And their behavior is exemplary.
Isn’t it great? – Not.
Not great.
And very stupid.
The fact is that the affairs of our family recently quickly went up the hill.
My husband is now directly admitted to the “feeding trough”, that is, in collusion with other corrupt officials, he sells the wealth of our vast Motherland abroad.
In this regard, we were going to sponsor a school.
But after this silly joke.
Yes Dear? – Yes, dear, you’re right.
After this heinous abuse of us, a gold signet ring, intended personally for a remarkable person, as it seemed to us yesterday, for Sergey Sergeyevich, I will give to our caretaker, Tajik.
Yes, and a batch of netbooks, which I

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wanted to give personally to each member.
I am not afraid of this word, to every member of the teaching staff, now I will give to the neuropsychiatric hospital.
Well, the one in our neighborhood, dear.
In a madhouse, in short.
– MarIvanna, SanSanych! Fathers and mothers-benefactors! Do not ruin the goods in vain! – Give us as planned! Lesbian sex private.

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