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She lay listening to her feelings.
The body ached, but at the same time some kind of bliss was felt in it, and she smiled at the new feeling.
So it took about ten minutes.

The door opened, and two people entered – the one, the first and the other with him.
– Good girl, now it’s my turn! – He said and began to undress.
She looked scared at the one who had just fucked her, but heard – We will fuck you together, you will be better off! – and he leaned on her with his whole body and with one push entered the vagina.
He had a big member too, but he entered easily.
She clung to the new man and began podmahivat him.
She was engaged sensibly and thoroughly.
Strong and fast movements brought her into some kind of wild frenzy! I wanted more and more! The head was very clouded! She twisted, twisted, put on her knees, put on a penis, lowered upside down.
Her fucked one by one, then two at once, forcing to take both in the vagina and in the mouth! They changed places, alternated.
Suddenly the coupe door opened and two more entered.
One, unbuttoning his fly, took out the dick standing with a stake and, holding the woman’s buttocks with his hands, sharply inserted the member into the vagina.
The woman moaned and arched.
He thrust cock and sharply.
Feeling re-filled it, although the strength is almost gone.
This was a beast in terms of sex! He growled, shouted something in his own language, and then finished abruptly and violently, filling the whole vagina with sperm.

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When he pulled out a member, another one joined her.
He felt her ass, muttered something discontentedly.
The backside of the woman was undeveloped.
The man took a jar of cream from his bag, smeared the hole and a member of it for himself and began to push it into her ass.
She was very hurt, she began to break free, but she was held tight until he reached his goal.
She wriggled.
Moaning in pain, but the movement continued, and, suddenly, a strange sensation of lightness and an inflated wave

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of excitement covered both the pain and the sensation of reality.
They ended violently and violently, both shouted from overflowing feelings! The woman hung on the penis in complete exhaustion.
The man pulled out a member, and they all got out of the compartment.
She lay with her eyes closed. The streams of Ki sweat flowed down through her tortured body, tears appeared through her eyelashes.
Approximately the same thing happened in another coupe.
For the rest of the way, both women rode in silence.
It was difficult to walk, the perineum was rubbed, the anus was bleeding.
Even getting to the toilet was a problem.
This journey will be remembered by him for life
Thank you so much for all the warm feedback about my previous story.
In the evening my boyfriend Dima came after me and offered to take a walk.
I had a very playful mood that day, and I had not had sex with him for a week already, so I was counting on a definite end to the walk.
I wore a medium-length skirt (approximately to the level of the knees), and under it stockings in fine mesh, which we recently bought together for “special occasions”.
I decided not to wear shorts to surprise Dimka.
To begin with, we decided to walk along a beautiful alley not far from the house, and when we reached about her middle, we accidentally met Dimin’s friend Paul with his girlfriend. Live indian couple sex.

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