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I had only seen small before.
Not daring to touch, Natasha gazed at him from all sides, trying not to miss the slightest detail.

Kohl, increasingly captured by feelings of tenderness for this charming creature, squeezed his penis in his fist, pulled the skin back, and before the eyes of a bewildered girl, a bloated, shiny crimson head easily emerged from a pink corolla.
“Oh, what is it? Doesn’t it hurt you, Kolya?”
“Natasha was even a little scared.
– Suck, Natasha! – groaned Kohl and gently shook his hips.
And the glittering head was in front of the girl’s mouth, half-open in silent ecstasy.
– And how, Kolya? – Natasha raised questioning eyes, wanting to help Kolya as quickly as possible.
– Mouth from the very tip.
a little bit.
The quivering shining ball already slid over her lips.
He exuded some kind of unusually pleasant, bewitching male smell.
Warm, smooth and slightly ticklish, he seemed to be asking into her mouth.
And Natasha could not resist the temptation – widely spreading the sponge, she pulled her little mouth on the excited head of Kolya’s penis.
– Beware, Natasha, now the milk is sprinkling, do not choke, swallow right away, – Nick managed to say, and his face distorted, the member quivered, the testicles crept up.
Typing a full chest of air and choking on the lack of it, the boy shook his hips several times, tensed to the limit, leaned forward and fired a swift thick sperm stream into Natasha’s throat.
Natasha felt a man’s milk fill her mouth, and began to swallow sperm, portion by portion, in quick sips, until the last droplets had gone into it from the hot head. Live stream sex chat.

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