Margosha bongacams.

Margosha bongacams.
After finishing the water treatments, I went to the room to choose my wardrobe.
I wanted to dress very frankly, so I chose a short skirt with a beautiful leopard print and a black blouse with a short sleeve and a very deep neckline.
The edges of the fabric barely covered the nipples, and thus my breasts were fully exposed to the public.

I decided to put my legs on red high-heeled shoes with a 12 centimeter heel.
Slavik was watching me and could not believe: I was so carefully dressed up, as if I was preparing for a meeting with a warmly loving person.

The idea that a crowd of Caucasians would fuck me hard while humiliating him bitterly pierced his heart.
Before going out, I designed my fucking look, giving it a particularly vulgar makeup: put on my lips with red lipstick and put bright arrows on it with dark mascara.
Then I took the hand of squishing Slavik and we went out into the yard.

Damn, Nata, your boyfriend is a moron! You have to be a complete idiot to treat a girl like that and not be punished for it.

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We celebrated the day of jam Lenka very noisy company.
I would even say, too noisy.
Under this case, a small summer cottage was specially removed in a summer camp in which there were two rooms, a corridor, a closet and a cold veranda.
November this year turned out to be a glory – the snow was lying for a long time, the larches, which were dark and dark near the dacha, flew around and now we were surrounded by a black and white landscape, occasionally broken by dark green splashes of fir trees and pines.
The head of the camp opened the dacha for us, and we, all of a rollicking, already crowded crowd, burst inside, happily humbling and occupying free beds.
Theoretically, no more than 9 people could be accommodated in one room, therefore, considering that there were 14 of us, we had a long showdown, in which room we would get drunk, and who would have to suffer from noise, and who would quietly snuff drunk under a warm blanket in the next room the room.
Margosha bongacams.

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