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And I continued my erotic dances at the railing, now showing him not only my butt, but also, suddenly responding with pleasant excitement, my pussy.
He was stunned and in love looking at me.
The penultimate we had a music lesson.

He came to our class.
I sat very well and could not only watch the whole lesson languidly at him, but also with my legs apart, show him my crotch.
What I did, with pleasure noticing how he periodically throws his views there.
Toward the end of the lesson I raised my hand.
In a quivering voice, he asked what was the matter, and I asked to go to the

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On the way to the door, I looked at him a lot and showed with my eyes what kind of toilet I would go to.
I entered the toilet.
There was nobody there.
I opened all the doors to the booths, then entered the last one and closed the door.
I waited, listening.
Soon I heard the approaching steps.
The door creaked and the steps froze at the door.
– Lily.
he whispered softly.
I was sitting on the lid of the toilet bowl, putting a note book captured for this purpose under the ass.
I kicked the door open and it opened.
He recoiled from surprise.
I looked at him.
His eyes were wide open, small drops of sweat appeared on his forehead, just below the jacket his pants were bulging with a distinct hill.
I spread my legs apart, which is why the already short skirt completely slid to the bases of the thighs, and breathed out in a loud whisper: – Well.
Come to me.
He fell to his knees, and his face turned against my face.
The first time I saw him so close, I felt his smell, the smell of a man, an adult, a mature man, long ago.
The smell of tobacco mixed with it.
It was not new to me.
Both Mom and Nina smoke, and I even liked the smell of tobacco coming from their bodies, and its flavor in their kisses.

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Sometimes, when we drank champagne, I smoked with them too.
They liked it – I looked completely dissolute.
For the first time I looked openly into his eyes, green and warm, radiating a whole mixture of feelings.
There was adoration, fear, and fear of deception.
I felt very close his breath.
Saw close his skin, with glistening beads of sweat in them.
Now I could check my feelings for him.
Nina said that only the sweat of his beloved man does not cause disgust.
I listened to my feelings and realized that these droplets are just as desirable for me as the rest of him.
Hooray! I.
fell in love! I have.
The man I love! And very soon he will become mine, and I will become him! My abdomen suddenly warmed up, as if a light bulb had been lit there.
And I was glad that Nina and my mother had already deprived me of virginity.
They smeared my pussy with anesthetic cream and tore my hymen.
Now it won’t hurt me.
This story happened four years ago.
Practically everything stated below is true, with the exception of names and several details.
Until now, the anger boils up in me when I remember what happened: So, in the month of July, my wife, Natasha, and I went on an anniversary to the parents of one of our closest friends.
As expected, we had a lot of fun and drank a little.
It was the circumstance that I drank and later played an important role.
In general, I seriously do sports and almost never drink – I always keep friends at home on all parties.
But then such a company gathered that everything happened as if by itself.
My car stayed in the parking lot at the restaurant.
And when it came time to leave, I naturally called a taxi.
About Natasha need to say special.
She and “in her youth” tightly caught the eyes of men who managed to be close to her, but in her 27 years she blossomed.
Gorgeous young woman – she often became the cause of my fights with overly zealous stallions.
Fortunately, my professional boxing, kickboxing and wrestling classes gave me a decisive advantage.
And the impressive dimensions discouraged any risk to the uninitiated.
Of course, it arrived to me, but the spouse was under reliable protection and more than once I received “thanks” in the form of insane sex after another scuffle: Yes, I deviated from the story about my wife! Height 190, chest 4 sizes, narrow waist, long neck, slim and very proportionate figure, flat tummy, delicious ass.
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