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“Listen,” he said anxiously, intercepting his own scrotum at the base and firmly pressing on the aching crotch. “If Irka continues squeezing my ankle squeeze with my anus, I can’t stand it:“ Well, wait a little bit more, ” Tanya was anxious about her prayers. “I need you so that she has also tumbled behind her cheek, and let this bitch down right into her mouth:“ Something you, my dear, got angry with my sister, ”he was surprised, having safely passed the next urge to ejaculation.
“Yes, nothing special,” the woman shrugged. “Just wanted to let her in a circle so that she wouldn’t squeal at herself: The front door creaked and, without knocking, the Irina’s own daughter, Olesya, a girl of fifteen years old, entered.
Her eyes were clearly round and her mouth opened involuntarily – a frankly pornographic scene seen by her acted like a shock on the girl.

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Tanya looked up at her niece and said, as if nothing had happened, except a little surprised: – Hi! How are you?! – which, obviously, meant, approximately, the following: “Well, and for what: were you cornered ?!” Olesya licked her suddenly dry lips, numbly throwing off a short nightdress to the floor of obscenity — her youthful, firm breasts defiantly looked around — and, remaining in transparent lace panties, who did not hide anything, but only provocatively, said either Is it affirmative: – I will take part, okay ?! And, not expecting any consent, slipped a man between his legs, arranging his young head at its own discretion.
– Catch! – Tanya threw her niece a small, but high pillow.
The girl turned around, pulled a pillow that slipped along Irina’s tense stomach, and deftly slid it under her head.
– Well, you girls, and give! – the man was quietly surprised and cautiously asked Tanya: – And will you not have to wind up for this nymphet? – Do you fear this ?! – the woman smiled in response, stroking the head, still twitching in sweet convulsions, Irina.

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Meanwhile, Olesya, throwing her head back, asked a man who was dumbfounded of everything that was going on, who kept tightly holding her luxurious hips and still continuing to orgasm Irina: – I found Aunt Tanya, and who is this ?! – Is there any difference ?! – he answered the question with a question.
– Yes, no special one: – the girl calmly agreed.
– Oh, you, I see, please the girl anally ?! – whether it is inquiring, or Olesya has affirmatively pronounced, having made out, at last, which of the holes of Irina clogs the man’s tool.
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