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But all this beauty went into the background, when out of the regular coral mountain the outline looked like a small hill, it was a sunken ancient Egyptian ship for many years underwater, it went deep under the ground and overgrown with moss and algae.
John and Sally looked at each other, this was what they were looking for, so they got closer and started exploring the find.
The ship would be huge, and only because it did not completely sink under the ground, and through the holes in the bottom it was possible not only to look, but also to swim inside.

The first discovery was an amphora miraculously preserved, which testified to the high skill of the one who made it.
The images on the amphora confirmed that this is exactly the vessel that a couple of travelers needed.

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Sally wanted to check what was in the depths of the ship, but John signaled to her that the air was running out and it was time to rise.
The first on board of the yacht was an amphora, which John, climbing up the ladder, put on the floor and gave Sal a hand to rise behind him.
After removing the aqualung, they brought the amphora into the cabin and put it on the table, after covering it with oilcloth.
In addition to the table in the center, to the left at the entrance was a sofa bed, and to the right was the kitchen.
The far wall had a door to the bathroom, where there was a shower and a toilet.
Sitting comfortably on the chairs opposite each other at the table, Sally and John began to study the amphora.
What a great job! – with admiration said the girl.
Now gently clean it, – said John, and began to clean off the amphora dirt and algae.
– Well, what can you say?

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He asked when the work was completed.
A woman on an amphora, most likely a queen, judging by her clothes, can see a phallus from her crotch.
Here she lies on her back, here she is on her knees, the phallus is in the back.
But, what is strange, if she satisfied herself with this phallus, then why doesn’t she touch her hands in one of the pictures depicting her masturbation? Maybe for more eroticism to be more visible? No, there’s something else, look, – Sally opened the laptop and uploaded the necessary document – it says here that according to legend, Queen Shemei, which translates as desire, had many phalluses that she used for self-satisfaction, but she loved one most.
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