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Eugene through her teeth begged me to go faster, but she could only walk to the bulletin board.
There she stopped and quickly pulled up the hem of the sundress.
Now she became like our girls of their kindergarten, when they were going to jump from the roof of the sandbox.

I already wanted to tell my wife that there was not much left to go before the hole, but I stopped, stunned by an unprecedented spectacle, right in front of my eyes, Tetin’s panties were quickly getting wet.
– Zhenya! You: you forgot to take off your panties, – I breathed.
– Really? – she looked under herself, there having filtered through the fabric, streams ran and ran down her legs.
– Or maybe I did not have time to remove them.
– Are you described? – I could not believe my ears.
Well, can not adult aunt like this just to be registered on the street.
“Hush, don’t scream,” Zhenya stopped me.
She looked at her soaking shoes with displeasure.
“Grisha, look at the bottom better, no matter what anyone saw me,” they asked and, putting her finger under the gum, moved the wet panties to the side.
I sat under the bulletin board, but I could not take my eyes off the black hairs on Zhenya’s stomach.
Aunt sat down a bit and continued to write, but despite her efforts, she still poured in her shoes.

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– No one looks at me? she asked again.
– No one.
The first bus went, everyone looked at him.
It’s good that Zhenya has such long legs, I thought to myself, now from the board they can be

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seen only up to the knee, well maybe a little higher.
And no one will guess that we had a “accident” here.
Having finished writing, my aunt turned away from me and took off her panties.
And when she, with her legs spread apart, began to wipe her clean side, I understood why many women walk so strangely.
It turns out that between their legs in the pope grow hair.
So they tickled.
“Zhenya,” I called out in a whisper, and then, seeing that they were hearing me, touched the cold skin of my thigh.
– Marrying, you do not hurt? – I asked.
“It was painful,” she answered, without straightening and continuing to wipe herself, “and when she peed, it became good.”
– No, I’m not about that.
Do not you hurt with such a hole to walk? – Where? – Zhenya turned her head to me.
“There,” I pointed at the red slit in black hair, stretching from the abdomen to the very hole in the bottom.
Aunt immediately covered her hand, – And you do not peep! And then, laughing, she added, “It’s for all girls from birth, don’t be afraid.”
Are you going to write something yourself, or will you just look at me? While I was watering a tree near the fence, Zhenya finished wiping herself, gently rolled up wet pants into a ball and hid them in her fist.
– Are you ready? Then let’s go, ”she commanded.
– Let me go back, – I suggested, when we came to the square.
– What for? – Well, you’re without panties.
Suddenly the wind will blow, and everyone will see that you are going naked.
And so I will go behind and keep your sundress.
Zhenya laughed, pressed me to her soft leg and said: – Grisha, you are the kindest boy in the world.
I love you!
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