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– Well, how long will I stand? – Masha in a discontented tone made me understand that you should not try her patience.
She was leaning her hands on the table, stood, arched in the back and legs apart.

I knelt down so that my head was under her pussy and slowly began to lick her: first, the lower trickles on her thighs, rising higher and higher to her fragrant pussy and torn ass.
It was so tasty, so great that I could not help but groaned softly, and my rearing member, not covered with any clothes, showed everything vividly – which I enjoy.
– This is some kind of pipets, – looking at me, Karen said in a half-whisper, poured himself some vodka and drank, – Nikolaitch, I drive to Mikhalych, people came to him there, I also need to re-brew them.
Then Masha unexpectedly perked up, which, without changing the pose of the sundress: “Karen, are you leaving?” – Yes, baby, you have to settle things.
– And I?.
– And you? You’re not the only one left, but with the bridegroom, – he made a caustic emphasis on the word “bridegroom”, – And Nikolaitch will help you.
– Well, Karen.
– Everything, I ran, bye !.
Can you imagine, I stick between my legs between my legs, lick her after another, and she shows by her appearance that she wants to be close to another! To which it is not needed in FIG, for which she is another handy – he has broken and threw it.
He did not even try to pretend that it was not.
And she creeps in front of him like a rag.
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