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His tanned body was still as gentle and hot, he did not mature at all during his military service — he was still fast and agile, like a meteor.
And only in the face of some metropolitan complacency became noticeable, an expression of pofigizma to everything around.
To everything – but, of course, not to me and not to Yaroslav, with whom they became more familiar than brothers.

After having splashed a lot, with jokes and friendly pats, we left the bathroom, wiping ourselves with one large terry towel and immediately sat comfortably in the kitchen.
At dinner, our army remembered the “exploits” in the “Blue Danube”, endless painting and plastering works on objects, outfits and everything else related to the performance of service.
And then, going into the room, they sat down on a very large couch; Yaroslav turned off the light – and we began to watch Vidic, who had recently appeared at Stas (parents were solemnly handed over for their birthday).
Now I don’t remember how that blue cassette was called, but I definitely remembered what indelible impression she left in me: after all, this was my first gay erotic viewing (i.e.

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, of course, frankly speaking, the most real porn).
With a sinking heart, I watched the actions of the heroes of the film, my friends (who knew by heart the tape that they had gotten from under the floor on some local market) did not waste time: they gently caressed me on both sides, trying to convey as accurately as possible actions in reality, what happened there, on the blue screen of the TV.
And soon I could not stand the rapid flight of their fantasies and skillful experiments on my body – I surrendered without the slightest resistance, joining their merry company, as it happened between us before, just about

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a year ago.
The whole night passed on a single impulse, as if we did not part at all, and our bodies did not forget each other for a minute, faithfully and faithfully keeping in themselves warmth, all the smells and tastes of the army’s pleasant sensations, every bend, every muscle, every cell on the face, neck, chest, back, buttocks.
We fell asleep, tired of endless “games”, only in the morning, and then, having slept in the embrace of half a day, began to repeat everything from the very beginning, achieving new and new victories in these sexual “competitions”.
However, I think for each of the “youth team of ours” the main was not at all a dashing victory over a rival partner — we valued our brotherhood, mutual path to pleasure, joint searches and discoveries on a thorny path to happiness — if Of course, by this word we mean not a station of destination, but a method of movement to it.
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