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The exhausted Anya grabbed the guys by the sticking members and led Sasha and Lesha to the room with the trachodrom.
Lena decided to continue her games with Misha.
Passing into the room, Annie immediately got on her knees and first decided to examine what she would enjoy with.

She slowly drove her hands along the trunks that nature gave the guys, not for the first time admiring the beauty and attractiveness of the male member.
When the boys became unbearable, Alexander said: “Come on, show what you can do.
“Oh, she was very capable.
After these words, Anya finally began to show the wonders of her incredible lips (they could satisfy anyone).
A few minutes later, all that interested the guys was the mouth of this home-grown porn star, who was just doing a fantastic blowjob.
She caressed them with her tongue, lips, then swallowing completely, then focusing on the heads.
It was immediately evident that Anya was able and loved to suck.
Porn for prick, she even began to moan with pleasure.
This incredibly brought the guys, and they dragged the girl to the trawler where the most interesting things started: Anya continued to suck at Lesha, while Alexander took more lubricant and began to carefully prepare her ass.
While the girl was fascinated by a member of Alexei, Sasha began to enter one, then two, and finally three fingers in a tight anal ring.
Then, having thoroughly treated his working tool with lubricant, he rushed into Anna’s cherished ass, who, like, was not interested in what was happening with her back hole, and only when a thick member of Alexander began to enter her favorite chocolate eye.
“Fuck, finally, I was already starving for a good dick in my ass!” – Anya literally shouted, as she sat down on Sasha’s trunk, ramming her ass.
Thus, at the same time she fucked Lesha with her lips and Alexandra with her booty.
He did not fail to note: “Your little hole is so well designed! Do you like to fuck you in the ass, right? ”Instead of answering, Annie became even more podmahivat him.

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Then the whole trio moved to the prone position: Alexey lay on his back, Anya sat sideways, continuing to suck from him, Alexander, without taking the trunk out of his ass, fell in behind Anya.
In this position, they spent some time, starting up more and more and increasing the pace.
And finally, something happened that Anya had long dreamed of – Lyosha took out a member from her mouth, sat on the bed, sat Anyuta with a pussy on his dick, while Sasha continued to fuck her ass.
The simultaneous penetration of two members caused a real explosion in her: “Oh God, finally fuck me in two dicks! Oh, what a thrill! Lena was right, this is something incredible, as I used to live without it at all! Amazing sensations, it will be necessary to meet more often.
“Such were the thoughts of the red-haired beast, while two young guys were stepping up the pace in her pussy and ass.
Part 2.
While Anya was learning a new kind of pleasure for herself, Lena continued to play with Misha’s dick: she then jumped on him like a madman, then she sucked on him licking her own juices.
However, her thoughts were occupied with completely different things: “How is Anya there? Would she like a new kind of sex? She never took two members at once, especially at the same time in the ass and in the pussy.
Can I go to them? ”After another mockery of Misha, she decided to go to Anya on the pretext of rest.
Lena quietly went to the door and slowly opened it.
From what she saw, her jaw dropped: Anya was literally fucked in two holes, and on her face incredible bliss was written.
Seeing such a spectacle in Lena, an incredible lust and desire to join this insane fucking woke up: “Fuck, she seems to get high on everything that is happening! I did not think that my dear Anya would come to taste so quickly.
“When Lena was ready to break off to this fucking trio, she felt someone’s hands on her chest.
It turns out that Misha stood behind her all this time and watched the sex attraction with Ani, and, unable to withstand the tension, grabbed Lena and with frenzy began to caress her amazing boobs.
He crushed them, twisted nipples, shook, and then began to carry a member along a tight delicious ass.
Unable to withstand such torture, Lena took Misha by the dick and dragged her back to the table.

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, Lena scooped up more grease from the bottle, smeared her ass and wheezed: “Fuck me fast in the ass!” Misha did not have to ask for a long time: he drove the dick into the anus and began to fuck quickly.
Lena, who had a great experience in anal sex immediately went into the taste. Pornbarbie s bio and free webcam.

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