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Soon we arrived at the billiards club, where Vitalik’s friends were already waiting for us.
There were three of them, I knew two of them well, and one seemed unfamiliar to me.
Adjusting the skirt, I got out of the taxi, and Vitaly paid off the driver.

Later, Vitalik told me that a Caucasian took half the money for the trip, I wonder why? ? We greeted Oleg, Victor and Mikhail and entered the club.
When we got there, I saw a spacious room with several pool tables.
The light was slightly muffled, soft music played.
The guys settled down at one of the tables, and seemed to be going to play a little, but they just pushed the balls into the corner, and put the cue next to the wall.
Acne beckoned me to him.
I was terribly wondering what will happen next! I slowly walked around the room, trying to show myself to all the guys who lustfully staring at my long legs, big elastic chest, my neck, lips.
When I was at the table, Acne grabbed my shoulders and forced me to bend down so that my chest was on the table, and my ass was friendly raised up.
Immediately one of the guys raised my skirt, exposing the hips and ass, pulled down the panties that were wet from the excitement and began to rub my pussy with his rough fingers.
The other leaned over and kissed me on the lips.
The kiss was so passionate that my saliva, mixing with his, dripped onto the table, forming a small puddle.
On my chest, I felt someone’s big hands, and immediately my bra flew to the floor.
The unknown person began to squeeze and unscrew my nipples, as if he wanted to make them even bigger and more sensitive.
The hall was filled with the sounds of passion and lust.
My loud moans interrupted the coarse voices of the guys and vice versa.
My whole body was in the grip of their strong hands, I felt that I belonged entirely to them, and they could do whatever they wanted with me.

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From this, my excitement grew rapidly.
Suddenly I felt a strong slap on the ass, then another one and another.
Then someone began to stretch, then compress my halves, trying to open wider the entrance to the pussy and ass.
Then their fingers began to penetrate into me.
It seemed that they lined up behind me so that everyone could stick their fingers in me, who were two, who were three, and someone tried four.
At this moment I regretted that my pussy was not so wide, because I was not enough.
At the same time, each of them tried to pinch me by the clitoris, from which I screamed loudly and, moving my hips, tried to prevent the next one from doing so.
Very soon my lubrication was so much that it seemed to be everywhere: on the palms of the guys, on my hips, on my shoes, on the floor.
Then I felt something hard and thin that rested against my vagina and slowly began to enter me.
I quickly turned around and saw in the hands of one of the guys a wooden cue.
He held it with both hands and slowly pushed him inside me.
I felt so embarrassed at this moment that I blushed slightly, but made a movement ass to meet this artificial lover.
Moving faster and faster, I realized that the orgasm is very close.
The guys probably understood this too, because as soon as I got ready to finish, they took the cue out of me and removed their hands from my body.
I was so hurt by not having an orgasm that I almost cried.
Hands themselves stretched to my pussy, but the guys raised me to my feet, and with their hands they pulled me by the back and held them tight.
They wanted me to finish differently.
The cue was between my legs, they put me on it as on a wooden horse, and I immediately began to rub along it with my crotch, leaving wet traces of grease along the entire length.
I frantically twisted my hips in different directions, trying to press the clitoris to the cue as much as possible.
Up and down, up and down, more and more! And so I felt what I dreamed about as soon as I entered this hall.
The orgasm was so strong that I escaped from their captivity, but, not keeping myself on my feet, I fell to the floor.
The bright colors before my eyes made me blind for a moment.
Waves of pleasure caused trembling and cramps throughout the body.
The vagina contracted in a crazy rhythm, highlighting the oceans of love moisture.
Curling and hugging my knees, I lay on the floor for what seemed like an eternity, not wanting to open my

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eyes and wake up from this sweet dream.
I imagined the guys looking down at me with smug smiles on their faces.
They look at a young, half-naked girl, who lies on the floor, next to the billiard table, in a pool of her discharge, with a smile on her face, stroking her slender legs. Real cam masturbation.

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