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It was evident that Inga had been preparing all this dirt for a long time.
A week later, Alena, at the command of Inga, returned home.
Going home, she saw Inga and her husband, the girl hung on his neck and kissed a man.

Hello whore.
– said her husband turning to Alain.
Inga this week showed me a lot of interesting things about you.
My lawyer has already prepared all the documents, but Inga persuaded me to leave you as her toy and I agreed.
I will now give money to Inge, and you must fulfill all her whims if you do not want you to be closed somewhere for a very long time.
Alyona looked very confused, because she herself admitted that Inga took her place and now she is just a limp slave, of this strict and beautiful girl.
From the stupor brought her voice Inga.
Do not worry fucking, I guarantee you still very, very much humiliation that you love so much and yours, that is, now my husband, will help me with this.
Who is her husband, I will not limit him like you, I will bring him young whores myself and I’m sure you will be happy to prepare his penis and the cunt of another young bitch with your tongue for hot sex. Secret spy cam sex.

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