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In this state, he will be tame, he will idolize you.
And how do you achieve this, that he was all the time in good shape? I began to look after myself more – beauty salons, sexual clothes, beautiful lingerie, peignoirs, etc.

I constantly provoke him with my appearance, behavior, talk, orders.
I had to free up more time for myself – I work less, I take care of myself more.
Husband gave a belt of allegiance.
I mean, chastity belt? Special male device made of metal: clamping a ring, like, handcuffing for eggs and the base of a member, and putting a case on it with a slot for urination.
The case is attached to the ring with a lock, and I have the key.
Moreover, the shape of the case is such that it is crooked down, that is, it is very inconvenient for the member to stand up, and it is impossible to touch at all.
In addition, while standing with this device you do not pee, you need every time the girl sits on the toilet, and this reminds her husband of his true place every time, this every time humiliates him as a man and excites him.
He now can not jerk off if I do not allow him, he directs all his sexual energy only to me, to my desires.
And every day he tries to earn my favor, so I opened the lock.
And what, he can not just give up wearing a chastity belt? Maybe, but I warned him that if I removed him from him, I would never wear him again, and our game would end.
It’s all over.
Everything will be as before.
And he does not want as before.
He wants to be in such a state, he likes that I constantly provoke him, that I wear frank outfits, that I flirt and meet with other men, that I am available for anyone, but not for him. Security cam lesbian sex.

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