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When she saw that I was already on the verge of an eruption, I stopped, firmly squeezed a member at the base, giving me a short respite, and then continued again.
I could not reach out to Marina with my hands, so I threw my hands behind my head and enjoyed her mouth.
Finally, pulling in the last time, she slowly, with a smacking, released the penis from her mouth, lifted herself up, spread her leg over me, sat down and began to sit down on the penis standing.

Marina was already very excited, lubrication and oozing out of her pussy, so the penis immediately easily penetrated inside, Marina gave a deep breath and leaning on my chest began to sway, moving along the penis.
With pleasure, I took her for the sticking out ass and began to help the movement.
Soon her breathing became more frequent, she began to moan more and more, and I realized that she was on the verge of an orgasm.
“Help me: from behind,” she whispered.
I pushed my hand a little further between the opened halves and felt a small ring of the anus, which immediately sank at my touch.

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Wet my finger, I stuck it inside, which caused a storm of delight in Marina, who immediately finished and limped, fell on me.
“Thank you,” she said, barely taking a breath, how do you want now? – And you yourself, as you want? – I asked in turn.
– Come from behind.
– Come on.
I got out from under it.
Marina got up on all fours, bent, appetizingly pulled out at the same time the ass, I fell in behind, took hold of the hips and sank the member.

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Marina arched even more and began to help me, moving to the meeting.
The member was pleasantly rubbed inside and from the abundance of new sensations, I lasted only a few seconds and fired, all that had accumulated, forcing the girl to moan from pleasure.
After resting, we went to the bath, and then blissfully rested while drinking Pepsi-cola and making plans for the future.
Later in the evening, when we had completely rested, Marina suddenly became sad and told me that she was still feeling some kind of guilt because of the circumstances of our acquaintance, because of what Alexey had done to me.
I tried to calm her down, saying that the most important thing is that we met.
To which Marina sadly replied that this was of course good, she was also very happy, but something was preventing her from completely relaxing.
I thought.
– Idea! – I exclaimed after a while, – I know what to do! There is an old psychological device called.
uh, in general, I do not remember what it is called.
Let’s go “So now I’ll tie your mouth and eyes.”
It is necessary.
You should not see and speak, so as not to spoil the moment.
Marina closed her mouth and nodded in agreement, it seemed to her to get what I wanted to do.
I took a thick ribbon and blindfolded her.
Then he took out a clean handkerchief from the cabinet, put it in her mouth and tied it with the same wide ribbon.
– Undress! – I ordered (a little commander in a voice does not hurt).
Marina took off all her clothes and stood in front of me completely naked.
I stood for a little bit of joy after admiring a slim girl and felt a desire stir in me.
– Now the most important thing.
I took out a large skein of wide tourist rope and firmly tied my legs tightly wrapped along the entire length.
“Don’t move, now I’ll lay you on the bed,” I said.
Marina nodded.
I took her in my arms and gently laid her in the middle of the bed.
Then, after thinking, he took out a pillow, put it beside her and turned the girl over, comfortably arranging her tummy on this pillow, which made her round butt pop out appetizing, exposing the most hidden corners of her depths. Sex and the city season 2 episode 18 watch online.

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