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Suddenly in the video there was some kind of buzz.
After a moment, a hand holding a vibrator appeared in the frame.
Slowly, the hand leaned him against the girl’s priest and slowly began to immerse him inside.

When he came in half, his hand let go and got out of the frame.
The result was a masturbating girl with a vibrator inserted halfway in the ass.
I realized that it was this frame from the video that I looked at in the previous photo.
The hand appeared again.
She took the vibrator and began to push it even deeper.
When he got almost to the end, she began to pull him back, and when she almost pulled it to the end, she began to insert again.

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And so many times around.
At that moment I felt that there would be something with me now.
A wave of pleasure from below began to creep up somewhere, I shrank all over, and here it is – the very peak of the buzz.
I did not understand anything, I was shaking all over, it became very hot, and then everything disappeared somewhere.
All that remains is a feeling of some kind of bliss and unprecedented lightness.
I pulled out my hand.
– Congratulations! You learned to masturbate.
The, that with you now was – is called orgasm.
For him, there is masturbation.
We interrupted the video call.
Kate had to go somewhere, and it was time for me to go to bed.
We agreed with her that we will continue to communicate tomorrow.
The night was hard.
I remembered that video, our conversation and the whole situation in general.
I got excited all night from these memories, my hand didn’t get out of my panties, I had orgasms again and again.
I only fell asleep in the morning.
It began, probably, as a child, when I liked to run naked on the beach, then consider “fashionable” magazines with half-dressed fashion models and mannequins.
There were also games in the “medical examination” in primary school, but the greatest impression was made on me by a real porn magazine stolen from boys in class 7.

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Then I admired the naked bodies, the frankness of poses, the aesthetics of sexual intercourse as photo art.
Then such magazines could be bought even in stalls, but the first feeling of admiration remained.
As a result, I got from my mother for ultrashort miniskirts, wasted cosmetics and love for discos.
But with the end of school and these hobbies I got sick: in the modeling agency and the actress I failed miserably, I learned to prop up clothes and cosmetics under my calm, not blatant style.
Only love for my body remains: I very rarely drink alcohol, do not smoke, do sports, and in general this is what I really love.
There were occasional meetings with peers, but as it turned out, I had no real friends.
Standing guy went to serve somewhere in Siberia, and stayed there.
Of course, I had a boyfriend at work, but this is so, in order to maintain the form and so that there were no misconceptions.
This summer I went on vacation to the country under Nizhny to my cousin.
Her husband disappeared in the city, she herself was not eager to help his mother-in-law.
And we lived like that, my grandmother and my nephew, 14 years old, who all ran with the boys in the woods and fishing.
I didn’t need much communication: I could dig up a garden bed in the garden, but most of all I liked to take a book and go sunbathing to the beach for the whole day.
The water was not very suitable for swimming and I, smeared with sunblock cream, immersed in novels.
Two weeks later, all these ladies of high society, insatiable lovers bored me too.
However, entertainment in the village – once or twice and miscalculated, and before the city I was too lazy to go.
And then I noticed that my nephew Sasha was constantly watching me.
Just a spy.
Then I’ll find him peering through a loosely covered shower curtain in the garden, then I get the feeling that someone was rummaging in my laundry box.
It angered me, and I decided to investigate.
The first time I caught him peeping into my room when I was changing clothes, I dragged him by the arm and leaned against the wall.
What is it? – I asked, trying to slam the robe on me.
but that’s what everyone is doing on the beach, and so do you, – blushing, Sasha, who widen from my height, refused.
On the beach, I am in a bathing suit, I strictly explained.
Well, so he closes even less.
And you don’t always wear it, ”the teenager said insolently, while he peered at the neckline of the robe.
I remembered that I sometimes sunbathed “top loess”, when there was no one around,: and did you even spy? I blushed, lowered my eyes, but saw the rearing member in his pants, lifted them to his face: Good! Sex and the city serial online.

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