Sex x online.

Sex x online.
There are only a few pink stripes on the body, but I thought that it was put into blood.
Spanking blood is a bad job for amateurs.
Or a special session.

I also work sometimes with blood, but this is on order and, if necessary, with scars.
The same whip can work with different results.
Much depends on the instrument, but the main thing is the hand of the Lady.
With two blows I can tear my ass to shreds, into meat, so heals will heal for weeks and scars will remain, and I can work for hours and in the end – pink ass.
Everything plays a role: strength and angle of impact, its amplitude, lower skin, fatness, type of whip, leather from which it is made, length of ribbons, etc.
Now I install all this automatically, without thinking like a computer.
You work amazingly.
Triviality is usually practiced: the offending lower one is punished by the mistress.
And you do everything as if giving every blow! Myself and my joy! Amazing Well, this is not always the case.
I can work and in the humiliating plan, and as punishment, say, role-playing game “Mistress and bad maid”, “Teacher and nasty boy”, “Palace and the criminal”, “Guard and thief”. Sex x online.

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