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I’m damn good! There is life in the old dog yet! Girls, girls, and women! I think in many of you my story has awakened some feelings or memories.
I will be very grateful to you if you write to me on the mail you already know, mail.
Let’s communicate frankly, and about everything.

While I was writing this story, our relationship with Olga was far ahead.
Write and you will find out how far!
Then Pasha made a sharp jerk, and I felt even more excited.
I was able to hold back and not cry out, I didn’t even let the penis out of my mouth.
“Well, I lost my innocence,” they thought.
And I continued to do blowjob, as if nothing had happened.
– And it turned out to be not at all scary – Igor said.
The guys continued to process me from two sides, and I was waiting for their final.
Pasha moved faster and deeper.
His dick entered me so deeply that I could barely restrain myself from shouting delight.
I felt every vein of this organ.
Each push filled me with warmth.
And Igor, I continued to suck purely mechanically.
Finally, Pasha groaned and tensed.
He clutched my buttocks with his hands and made several convulsive and very deep blows.
His cock swelled and shuddered.
Frozen for a few seconds, he collapsed exhaustedly on the bed.
Sperm poured down my thighs, and I felt emptiness in my vagina.
By this time, Igor was also close to the final.
But he pushed my head away from him and said: – I also want you in the usual way.
I obediently lay on my back, having driven Pasha out of bed, and slightly spread my legs.
Igor quickly lay down on me and, without any preparation, began to introduce his weapon into me.

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He hit right away.
Closely clinging to me, he quickly moved.
Not much time has passed since he finished.
I did not even have time to enjoy the intimacy, but Igor breathed heavily and froze.
A fountain of his juice poured into my bosom, and we finally calmed down.
And he got off of me and lay down next.
I blissfully closed my eyes and dozed off.
I woke up in the morning in bed.
There was no one around.
After lying a bit, I suddenly remembered the events of the past day.
Instinctively, I touched my kisulka with my hand.
She was all in dried semen and my juices.
And remembering the past evening, she sank sweetly, and I began to caress myself with my fingers.
And a little caressing himself finished.
When I got up, I saw a bottle of beer on the table, two Postinor tablets and a full set of tests for the entire session.
Yes, the boys did not deceive me.
After that many years passed.
I graduated with honors from the institute, and more than once I resorted to sex in order to solve my questions about

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my studies.
I was lucky and I got married very well.
But I periodically, in secret from my husband, arrange joy with my lustful holes.
The next day we all had to go back home.
Aunt had to return to work.
I already thought that everything, this weekend is over, but my mother did not think so.
She said that she took a four-day vacation, and does not want to return home ahead of time.
We all had breakfast in the kitchen when mother told us about her plans.
Aunt Lena immediately changed her face and squinted at her sister.
She understood perfectly, and so did I.
I decided to stay with my mother and stay for a day.
She, of course, did not object.
The fact that I am staying with my mother arranged for Aunt Lena and she relaxed.
After breakfast, we spent aunt and husband and they went home.
Before leaving, the aunt took her sister aside, and they talked about something for a long time.
I did not hear this, but I understood what it was about.
After seeing them, my mother and I were left alone.
Half a day did not do anything, stuck at home.
My stay here was a burden for her and for me too.
And at one point, an idea was born in my head.
I told my mother that they called me from the university and asked me to urgently come to the dean’s office. Sexy webcam girls vk.

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