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If we could merge motionless with each other and enjoy each of our feelings.
One is a feeling of fullness and humility, the other is a feeling of complete power and unlimited possibilities.
If I could make him not move and I brought him to orgasm.

I started to squeeze the anus ring in time with Sergey’s movements.
The orgasm was starting to roll up to both at the same time.
Sergey accelerated the pace, I accelerated the compression of the anus to the beat.
And now, having published simultaneously two groans, we began to finish.
The husband, finding somewhere new stocks of his delicious juice, began to pour it into my ass.
Filling its depths slowly, but confidently and to the end.
On my ass, inside from the ring of the anus to the depths ran the waves of orgasm, forcing me to squirm under a member of her husband.

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I ended up as a woman, twitching in sweet convulsions and asking for more and more.
Husband, as if heeding my requests and despite the fact that he had already finished, he continued to push my ass over his cock, to the very depths.
And here, the orgasm sunk to my dick.
He did not stand up to the end, he began to spew seemingly endless streams of sperm on the wall and bed.
That one, about the existence of which in me I already forgot, as well as about my own member.
And Sergey continued and continued to stick me on his penis.
Double orgasm crippled my legs and took the remnants of power.
Hanging attached to the wall, I twisted in convulsions of orgasms, unable to moan.
The husband collapsed wearily beside him, without having untied me from the wall.
Breathing heavily and contentedly watching the body wriggle in beautiful linen chained to the wall by the hand.

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As the buttocks are compressed in convulsions of orgasm.
As an anus ring, unable to hold so much sperm, it releases it into the rhythm of convulsions from the ass, forcing it to spread along the legs to the knees.
I turned off exhausted.
Chained to a wall and leaning on her head.
She awoke from the fact that something sweet and familiar was attached to my mouth.
And then a familiar voice, through light oblivion, asked if he could enter me again.
This time Sergey, having untied me from the wall, laid him on his stomach and just entered from behind, pinning me to the bed with his whole body.
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