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Unlike my current fucker, the new one was quite decrepit.
Under the hairy chest there was a sagging belly.
His cock skukozhilsya from age – I would give him fifty years.

– Wow! And the guest has already arrived, ”he exclaimed, scratching the testicles.
– Yes, Evgeny Viktorovich! – with obvious shortness of breath answered my fucker.

– Girl – what you need! – What can she do? He asked, coming closer to me.
With a flick of the wrist, he exposed his prick.
The man looked into my eyes.
– Do not worry, girl, we will not offend you! – the man winked at me.
He pulled a condom on the end and came close to me, stretching the front of work.
– Be kind! He does not want without your help, – the man continued to smile.
He was so polite that he rarely meets in our profession.
Usually how? Suit – suck.
And this was clearly an intellectual.
After preprocessing, his penis assumed a horizontal position.
The muscle stiffened and stretched.
Evgeny Viktorovich did not suffer from impotence.
My young partner turned me over and started working from behind.

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I decided to tease them a little, making more languid and lustful moans.
My idea worked.
Evgeny Viktorovich carefully straightened my hair, stroked my cheek, admiring my craft.
A young guy from behind clutched at my ass with his fingers, completing the final frictions.
Then he abruptly took out his penis and, pulling off the condom, sprinkled on the sheet.
It was the turn of Eugene.
He took the place of a friend.
Put me on my stomach.
I arched my back, putting buns on him.
I thought he would insert it right away, but it was not there.
Evgeny Viktorovich was extremely experienced man in love.
She knew firsthand how to appease women.
Gently spreading his buttocks, he began to lick my erogenous holes.
He began with the vagina, occasionally nibbling the labia.
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