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well, of course, Karen.
As I could not guess who my girlfriend fell in love with: it was enough to remember how she looked at him at the camp site with what adoration she had.
Karen was in a strict suit, but his fly was unbuttoned, and an excited dick stuck out of her: “My whore said you want to experience the same thing as she,” said Karen with a grin in his voice.

I had a lump in my throat, I was confused and did not know what to say to him.
“Or you don’t like me and don’t want me,” Masha, noticing my bewilderment, looked at me reproachfully.
– I love and want.
– only I could squeeze myself.
“Then answer my master, and obey him as I obey him.”
All this time he was very kind to you, and allowed me to come back to you, allowed me to be with you.
You must understand that if he forbids me to see you, you will not see me again.
I love him.
And I will obey him.
Therefore, do not be angry with him.
All this time, Masha stood on all fours and looked up at me, but I had the feeling that I was looking at her from below upwards — she was so dominant for me at that moment.
– So you want to experience the same thing as Masha? – repeated his question Karen.
– Yes.
– I looked down, I replied.
– Then we must clearly define the hierarchy of relationships.
Masha is my whore, my bedding, and I am her master, and if she does not fulfill my commands, then I punish her as I please.
It is clear? – Yes, but.
Karen interrupted my timid disagreement: with a sharp movement, he quilted the Machine with a belt.
Masha quietly oyknula, and Karen continued: – For your every disagreement or disobedience will pay your bride. Sladkie002 bongacams.

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