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He, that hesitates to lie naked? – Too you say! – Kate laughed, – He is still quite small.
How old is he? Two? – In a month there will be two, – Lena said.
– Almost guessed right, – Katya smiled, – Such a funny little boy.

Look, Anka, what a funny pisyunchik he has.
Kate showed her finger between my legs, making

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me blush even more from embarrassment.
– Yeah, all the naked boys are so funny, – Anya agreed with a smile, – Do you remember that five-year-old in the treatment room? – Which mother changed the diaper? – Katya specified, – Of course I remember.
– Horror! – Lena burst out, – Up to five years old, wear baby diapers! Let him learn from Sasha.
Two more are not, and he himself goes to the pot.
– Why are you surprised? – Natasha sighed, – They brought me and seven-year-olds in diapers.
I, too, was at first indignant, and then I got used to it.
The only thing I ask is to take off the diaper and thoroughly wash the baby between the legs.
I have for all those who wear diapers, such a rule.
Regardless of age.
– That’s right, – Katya supported Natasha, – I would also refuse to massage the dirty child.
“If everything was limited to diapers,” Natasha continued, “You should see pants for older children, especially boys.”

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Worse than diapers in babies.
You can’t imagine, girls, how tired I am of fighting these dirty underpants.
“Poor Natasha,” Katya sympathized with her friend.
“I cannot refuse to do massage,” Natasha explained with a sigh, “So you have to do explanatory work with mothers, explain the basics of children’s hygiene,” Natasha sighed again, “If they even bathed the child properly: 2-3 times a week, not a “bath day”.
Natasha again began to massage my belly.
For half a minute there was silence, unexpectedly broken by my loud bunch.
– Shame on you! – Kate laughed, drove me into the paint.
– I deliberately want to get the baby-cat, – Natasha explained, – I give him a massage from the gas.
The nurse continued the massage, again forcing me to fart.
“A very tight tummy,” she said. “We need a good smack.”
After massaging my stomach for half a minute, Natasha went to a glass medical cabinet in the corner.
Returning to the table, she immediately jerked my legs up with a sharp jerk.
In the next instant, I quickly got a foreign object in the ass.
I did not see what the nurse had in her hands, but judging by the very unpleasant feeling, she gave me an enema.
I barely restrained myself from bursting into insult.
– Put the toddler vapor tube? – asked Kate.
“Yeah, a child’s vapor pipe,” Natasha confirmed. “I want to hold the child open for a couple of minutes.”
“I immediately recognized this tube,” said Katya, “Do you remember, Anka, how were we taught to put it?” – Kids in a children’s hospital? – Anya smiled, – I will remember this practice for a long time. Teen girl anal webcam.

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