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Get on the chair.
Turning to the right, Kolya noticed Vera Andreevna.
She whispered something with Nadia.

Kolya thought he heard his name.
So only two of them? – with a smile, asked the head physician Nadia, – Now I will take them to the treatment room.
Nadia went up to Kolya and took his hand.
Let’s go to the treatment room, ”she said.
Kolya’s clenched inside at the mention of the procedural.
In despair, the boy looked at his mother – she looked the other way, carelessly talking about something with one of the nannies.
Alyosha! – Nadia called the second boy, – Come on, come here! After waiting for Alyosha to approach her, the nurse also took his hand and led both boys to the treatment room.
There Nadya immediately locked the door, as if she was afraid that the boys would run away from her. Tory love cam sex.

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