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Yes, I already fallen for her loaf – Andrew said.
Why are you – Sergey was surprised – when I managed to do that.
I managed – the first one was quite moaning – while she passed me, I was grabbing her ass.

Well, and how – Seryoga asked with interest.
Stunned, soft and supple, skin is just a peach.
And Nataha something – Sergei did not let up.
Well, she grimaced, all so unhappy, and that’s all – she’s gone by – Andrew chuckled.
She didn’t say

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Mishka, but she tries not to stand like that anymore – he added cheerfully.
I was terribly overheard overheard the conversation, but seeing that I was catching up with them the men changed the subject.
During our bathing, there were no episodes of seduction and harassment visible to me, when I saw that the men think that I don’t hear, I tried to make out what they were talking about, but even then there was nothing particularly interesting.
Bundled a lot, we stretched back to the house.
Natasha tied a towel around her hips, which clearly disappointed men who dreamed of looking at her ass.
The truth of her sisi wrapping around in a wet bra, swaying from the slightest movement still compensated for covering the priests.
And come to us for dinner – suggested Sergey, when we have almost reached our house – we are not far away, on the next street.
While the wife was babbling about trying to refuse more culturedly, I asked her to go straight – well, Natal, are we getting off? The choice to refuse directly, the spouse agreed – well, we will come.
Dress uniform – Andrei joked – mikh you tie and jacket, Natasha to you – he looked around her – leave the towel at home.
His wife flushed with embarrassment, the compliment came from a discharge below the belt.
We are waiting for you – Sergey finished, and the men headed down the path.
Oh, what should I wear for the evening – Natasha looked at her country wardrobe.

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Well, do as you were told – I joked, putting the book aside and looking as she rummaged through her stuff.
All of you guys are the same – the wife mumbled – you’d probably also want half-naked girls to visit us.
Not half-naked girls but a gorgeous seductive lady like you — I got up and hugged her.
Oh oh oh – the spouse mumbled, pleased with my compliment.
So what to wear after all – she stood with her hands on her hips.
Well, put on a skirt and some T-shirt – I suggested.
You do not understand – was the answer of his wife.
In the end, she still wore a white knee-length summer skirt and a white T-shirt with large bright colors in front and behind.
At the appointed time, we arrived, on the threshold we were met by Andrew, presenting my wife with a small bouquet of meadow flowers.
The wife was touched and even kissed the man on the cheek.
The evening was wonderful, having fun, joking, at first they ate and drank, then they just drank and ate under the conversation.
Looking at my wife, I realized that she had drunk a lot, we walked for about an hour, and she was finishing her third glass of champagne.
Yes, men were helpful and attended to champagne for the ladies.
Irina, who didn’t have much to drink, was slightly drunk, her face was flushed, her gait became a bit uncertain, but what made her gladness did not leave her, and she was happy to go for a walk on apparently no longer regretting that she agreed to this dinner.
During the year that we lived together a lot has changed.
Our sexual relations became day by day more and more passionate and diverse.
I can not say that I was fed up with our sexual relations, but I wanted something else.
What exactly, I did not know.
The case helped me to understand what I wanted.
At that time I traveled a lot on business trips.
This time I had to go together with my colleague F to one Ukrainian city.
The business trip did not present any particular difficulties, and I decided to take Lena with me.
We settled in a new hotel not far from the factory, to which we arrived.
In the afternoon, with my colleague, we worked at the plant, carrying out the task set before us, and in the evening we walked three of us, and then went to visit each other.
One evening we were at F in a guest room.
First we drank, then we began to watch something on the TV.
Unlike my colleague, I drank a little, but he drank more than enough.
Lena could not drink at all.
It was enough for her! Internally, one glass of vodka to first have a good time for twenty minutes, and then fall asleep in a dead sleep.
Which she did after drinking two glasses.
I was sitting on the couch, and Lena was sleeping, putting my head on my knees, facing me and with my back to F, who was sitting on a chair in the opposite corner of the room. Transparent panties online shopping.

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