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After 30 seconds, Angela appeared in her stead, buttoning the last button on her blouse as she went.
Her face was red with anger.
“On what basis?!” She gasped in rage, gasping in rage.

“According to the instructions,” I cut it off, “all the visitors are personally inspected by the head of the Security Council, since it is I who bear all the responsibility for maintaining production secrecy and secrecy.
She spun around, waving the black tail of her tied-back hair and moving away.
“I went to call?”, I thought, “Well, well.
Good luck! ”After 10 minutes, I received an SMS from Peter:“ Do not reckon I’ll be back waiting for the video ”
As soon as I managed to click “OK”, a new character appeared in the inspection room.
This time it was Svetlana, a woman full, but, as I immediately considered, her fullness was quite pleasant.
Nothing hung, no orange peels.
Her breasts were outstanding in all respects, no less than the 5th size, if I understood something about it.
Her nipples were small, like those of a woman who did not give birth, pale pink, and a pile of curly red hair framed her round, rather pretty face.
And it was a natural color (she also did not shave her intimate places).
The nakedness of her Svetlana did not seem at all shy.
On the contrary, there was some kind of challenge in the way she behaved.
I tried to say into the microphone as I could calmly and confidently: – Come into the booth, feet on the blue circles, hands – on the yellow.
The woman exactly followed the instructions.
In this position, I could only contemplate her meaty ass, which, I confess, looked very impressive.
My “surprise” I prepared for inspection at the exit, so I did not delay the visitor: – Thank you.
Everything is good.
You can go to the second dressing room.
Katerina, unlike her colleague, was clamped and constrained.
She carefully covered her charms with her hands, trying to keep her back to the window.

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I quickly drove her through the scanner and let go with God.
After all, ahead of me

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was waiting for the first meeting with Angela herself! And the capital’s boss exceeded my highest expectations.
She did not flaunt herself like Svetlana, and did not clamp like Katerina.
The woman acted as if she was fully dressed in front of me.
Her breasts of medium size had a perfect shape, her nipples looked a little to the sides.
The flat trained belly without any steps and flows smoothly passed to a toe.
Between Angela’s legs everything was smoothly shaved, and the upper edge of her crevice barely looked out from below.
The figure was immaculate and everything was in moderation: neither fat nor pumped muscles appeared anywhere.
Only smooth bends and harmonious transitions between them.
But the main thing – the skin! Matte velvety and covered with a smooth bronze tan without any white traces of linen.
This could be obtained only in the solarium.
– In the booth, please.
Feet on the blue circles, hands – on the yellow.
“And for that, you had to undress?” She asked angrily over her shoulder, submitting, however, to my demand, “They stand the same at the airport, but this is not required.”
– stand.
Similar to the ones I ordered.
But, as far as I remember, Angela Igorevna, it was you who once killed the estimate and ordered it.
find something cheaper.
She did not respond to my fair remark, her eyes fixed on the wall.
I turned on the scanner and a few seconds later released the young lady.
In the factory, I accompanied them along with the production manager.
Angela, obviously wanting revenge, pushed her nose into all holes, demanded all sorts of documents and found fault with everything that was possible, fixing all the comments in her notebook.
But nothing! You still get your, bitch !!! The inspection lasted 5 hours.
When it ended, Angela Igorevna closed her notebook and with a gloating triumph said: – Well, congratulations to you, colleagues! Everything is very bad! I could not even imagine such a mess.
I, of course, will report on everything I saw on the board of directors.
I suspect – someone’s heads will fly.
But these are your problems.
It was necessary to work better.
The factory started to make excuses, but I cut it off.
– Do not be humiliated, Nikolaitch.
We know that we have complete order.
“Order!!”, Angela boomed, “There are not enough one unit in the register of fire extinguishers!” Inventory tags on the chairs mud! Two pieces of paper under the conveyor! On the coats of staff a few buttons torn off.
And where are these buttons, I ask you? And if they fell on the conveyor and hit the pickle unit? This is the whole defective party will be released! Video film lesbian online.

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