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In so familiar, desired and favorite ass.
Finally, taking pity on me, my husband came up behind me.
I arched and moved my ass back, putting a strip of strings on his cock.

Sergei first launched his hands under my bra, squeezing nipples quite tightly and causing a wave of trembling through my body.
Then one hand went down to the string, pushed them away and felt my cock, exposing his head.
He showed no signs of arousal.
I again tried to grope his anus ring with a member, but Sergei pulled away.
But not all at once, he said.
and then a belt hit my buttocks.
I screamed, but did not understand, whether from pain, or from arousal.
The blow was repeated again, and I felt like a slight tingling sensation passed through the ring of the anus and a sigh of excitement escaped from my mouth.

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I liked it.
Sergey, seeing that I am beginning to have fun, continued to whip my buttocks.
Finally, satisfied with their appearance, he put down his belt and ducked his mouth toward them.
Another wave of ecstasy flashed through me when he ran the tongue, first along one buttock, then along the other.
I glanced out of the window.
It has already gotten dark.
All this time I enjoyed not from the member, but from the new erogenous zone – my skin.
I did not expect such faces of pleasure.
Having ceased to cause waves of excitement with his lips and tongue, Sergey pushed back a strip of strings on my ass.
I froze in anticipation.
Moistening my pre-designed butt with my saliva, my husband put the head of the penis and began to slowly enter, allowing me to enjoy every millimeter of his gorgeous head and trunk.

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Feel how the anus ring expands as much as possible at the base of the husband’s cock and lightly regrown hairs begin to tingle slightly on the recently shaved pubis.
This is an indescribable feeling.
Feeling entirely in his power.
Feeling full of his ass.
Feeling a welcome woman.
The husband began to move slowly in me.
Each movement out was given to me by annoyance and the desire to return the dick in the ass forever.
Each of his return to the end gave a sweet languor and a sense of happiness, peace.
Oh, if it were possible to make the husband get pleasure from my butt, but at the same time he did not leave it, even just to come back again in a second.
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