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Nearby on the couch were two dark-skinned friends of Michael: they were naked and kept their imposing penises in battle condition.
There was also a hotel photographer, who photographed this action from different positions.
I paid attention to Dasha: she looked at what was happening with genuine interest, without stopping, and her nostrils were swollen.

We came closer.
Blonde with white rose men face and with a loud groan sat on a member of her Negro lover and started jumping on it like on a stallion, and her breast laboring women shamelessly jumped to the beat of her movements.
The white man lifted up – he was wearing a black T-shirt with a white lettering in English, which can be translated like this – “I am a cuckold husband, my wife loves big black dicks.”
He was without panties, and in the place of his penis was an elongated metal case glinting at the shape of the recumbent penis.
– What is kukold? – Well, this is a system of family relations, like, open marriage.
Only wives can do everything with everyone, but not for their husbands.
– On him by force or something dressed? Is a man can go for it voluntarily? – Of course, it can.
And some husbands only dream of their wives changing them, openly meeting with their lovers.
And for the sake of this they are ready for much, up to the financial content of his wife’s lovers, or living in one house – a lover, as it were, takes the place of the owner in his house.

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– What about my husband? – I watched in amazement with what interest Dasha was talking to Mikhail on such a sexy, such delicate topic; as she asks him more and more new questions (she didn’t want to communicate with me on these topics).
They get high on cunnilingus to their wife after she has sex with her lover.
For many cuckolds, this is precisely the fetish – they dream of their wife becoming a whore for other lovers who are better than him in some parameters (for example, in terms of penis size).
On the other hand, they may be excited not only by the facts of cheating wives with other lovers, but also by direct humiliation from wives and their lovers.
For example, the rejection by a wife of a husband’s husband for sex, since she is interested in doing this not with her husband, but with her lover.
Either get her husband to serve them with her lover, or get her husband to give a blowjob to her lover.
or even give birth to a lover.
– What a nightmare.
It is believed that blacks have better potency, a larger penis size, and in general, they can be more often and longer and, as a rule, their bodies are better folded.
In Orgasmus, this kind of relationship is encouraged, so the photographer takes it all off, tomorrow there will be pictures on the stand.
– And everyone will see it? – Of course, in this hotel they will even be given some kind of prize and will be honored.
Last time, my wife was presented with a day trip on a yacht, the crew of which was completely black.
And her husband was presented with an anal plug and a film about his wife’s sex adventures on a yacht

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When we passed this orgy, Dasha instinctively took Michael’s hand.
Not for my hand, but for his.
While Misha was preparing the boat to sail, Dasha, having ceased to control herself, almost opened her mouth, continuing to observe the unfolding action near the walls of the diving center. Watch oral sex online.

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