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Snow-covered trees, facades of buildings, store signs were passing by.
The mood was so-so, Andrew had to go to another institution because of a conflict with one of the teachers.
At the next stop a young girl with blond long curly hair entered the salon and stood next to Andrey, staring silently at the phone.

In appearance, she was very personal, but obviously puzzled by something.
Andrew looked at the stranger, trying to see her better, and then the guy’s eyes fell on the screen of her phone.
The last message was intended, apparently, for a friend, and the text was as follows: “As I broke up a month ago with Leshka, the member never saw it again.
Now anyone is ready to surrender. ”
Andrei froze for a few seconds, but this was enough for the girl to look up and understand: this guy saw what she wrote.
Blushing deeply, she turned and ran through the newly opened doors of the bus.
Andrei looked out the window again, and drove on, regretting that the meeting with this blonde had ended that way.
After about 10 minutes, the bus arrived at the required stop, Andrew went out and headed for the building of his new university.
Andrei went to the dean’s office, gave the documents, told a little about himself, listened to standard instructions and, having learned the office number, went to classes.
In the audience, Andrei greeted his new classmates, informed everyone that now he would study with them, without thinking twice, took the last desk, which was empty at that time.
Then the teacher came and began the lesson.
It took no more than five minutes to knock on the door, and a girl entered the classroom.

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But it was not just a girlfriend.
It was that stranger from the bus.
– Sorry, I was late, the bus broke.
Can I come in? – She turned to the teacher.
– Yes, Marrying, hurry, please.
The girl went into the office and went to his place.
She sat on the penultimate desk on the side of Andrew

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, all thoughts of which were now occupied exclusively by this girl.
Zhenya did not notice her new classmate, and he could carefully see her.
It was a tall, slim girl.
She was wearing a black skirt just above the knees, tight-fitting long legs and a white blouse, through which a black bra barely shone through.
In appearance, she was a calm, modest girl, and if it had not been for the bus, Andrei would never have thought that she had such thoughts in her head.
When the lesson was over, Zhenya packed up and was about to head for the exit when she faced the guy who was studying her carefully.
She recognized the unwitting witness of the message.
“This is our new one, Andrei,” her neighbor on the desk slowly told his wife.
– Yes.
yes, – only Zhenya was able to babble, turned sharply, and quickly went out into the corridor.
Zhenya went down to the first floor and sat down under the stairs.
It didn’t fit in my head, how could such a thing happen that it was he who saw such a personal SMS that will now be with her for more than four years, how will he be in one team now, how to communicate? She did not hear how the break ended and the bell rang, and Eugene was distracted from these questions only by a light touch of someone’s hand on her knee.
She looked up and was stunned.
Andrew looked at her from under black eyebrows with brown eyes.
– What.
What do you want? – Zhenya almost cried – “The same thing you did,” sounded in response. At that moment a guard entered the stairs.
– So, lively went from here, the call has already been, – the man croaked threateningly.
Zhenya, taking advantage of the moment, rushed up the stairs, but Andrew hurried after her and did not let him reach the office.
Strongly grabbed his hand, he dragged the frightened girl to the other end of the corridor and pushed into the men’s room, then he went in and then closed the door from the inside.
– I.
I’ll scream now, ”said Zhenya in a trembling voice. Webcam amateur sex girls.

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