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He slipped the sticky warmth between his thighs and with a deaf “plop” fell to the floor.
Stirred and the one that was in the vagina.
Having become oval in cross section, stretching the vagina, it began to rotate, as if unscrewing from it, but at the same time trying to cause even more pain.

With the last sniffing sprinkling the vagina outside with mucus, the choke rose up like a snake to her face and flooded it with sticky drips.
Everything – eyes, nose, mouth, clogged with a lumpy, warm and salty abomination, closed up and stung.
Nata screamed out a sob-cry, in half with vomiting with another portion of mucus, tried to shake her head to clear her face, which only caused the body to sway on chains and a wet veil that fell on her face covered her eyes.
The second stream of mucus under pressure made her cough, choking on the filth, which both poured from within herself and flooded outside.
Then the flow stopped, the hose fell to the floor.
– Cleaning is complete.
– Said erotic female voice.
– Cleaning? – flashed through Natella’s head.
“Is it called cleaning?” The hook in the ass smacked and straightened and slid out of her.

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The rest of the chains dramatically weakened and she collapsed on the floor, in a thick layer of mucus covering the grooved rubber plates.
Trying to keep her head higher so that no mucus filled her mouth, Natella looked around.
She was small in a dark room, with a high Gothic ceiling.
Behind her was a black metal frame on which she hung, in front of her, a tall mirror in

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which she could see hanging chains, some kind of hoses and a reflection of a rusting steel door without a handle, but with some two handles on top of the lintel.
The concrete walls were covered with a brilliant gray bloom and stains suspiciously reminiscent of dried blood.
It boomed.
Small round hatches opened in the floor and began to force the air in with force.
And Natella.
A few hatches were right under her.
Clinging to the skin covered with mucus, like octopus suckers, hatches sucked her thigh, backside, one hit on her chest and one on her shoulder.
Covered with a five-centimeter hickey, she tried to deviate to save her left breast from vacuum bullying, but only aggravated sticking, hitting the other half of the ass on the air intake, and getting a few hickeys on her ass.
The mucus was drawn into the floor, the buzz stopped.
Natella with crying otlipla from suckers in the floor.
Now her body was decorated with a dozen powerful aspirations – burgundy-filled bruises, like after cans.
The door roared aside with a buzz.
A gorgeous blonde, dressed in black latex, on high stiletto heels entered the room.
The chest, supported by transparent latex, stood out a good twenty centimeters ahead. Webcam lesbian party.

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