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“Come on, it will be better,” the first one agreed, removing a suitable belt from the wall.
– Well, how much she vypem, let’s twenty? – Twenty is not enough for such a whore, she did not try at all.
– Let’s fifty! What’s the difference? – Well, someone will shut her mouth so as not to scream? – No, – squealed plaintively Anka.

But in Anka’s mouth they stuffed her thongs with a gag, the one in which she was brought here.
“It’s been a long time since I’m not slandered a week,” said a voice, and there was an approving laugh from all sides.

– And do not twirl your head, otherwise you’ll break all the buzz, do you understand? – fist swayed threateningly in the face of Anka and she hurried to agree, nodding her head.
Flogged her in the ass with a rare frenzy, the blows rained down, right and left in turn, without the slightest respite.
Anka moaned with her mouth shut and tried to twirl her ass, but the blows still reached their goal, delivering a lot of joy to everyone watching the process.
From each blow there was a sharp sound from the touch of the belt with the skin, and naked Anka, bending with pain, tried to dodge the new blow.

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But the chained arms and legs did not allow her to resist, her belly rubbing against the mattress did not help to avoid blows.
– Pour her good !.
– Let’s! She is not enough! – Punish this bitch! See how the ass turns! Stronger! – Ugh shit! Outta
how much is there Give me another twenty? – Yes, let’s do it again.
Anka already thought it would never end.
Everything was gray in her eyes, there was a noise in her ears, the blows of belts rained down on her round ass one after another, occasionally missing and falling on her back.
– Ok, enough for now with this pussy, and the hand is already a bit tired.
Anyone else will fuck her? – Not later.
– Then what, on its pillar or let it rest here? – What is resting?
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