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I almost reached orgasm, but it was so hard to reach an orgasm.
I asked: “Volodya, and give me a basin raise on the back of the sofa.”
Send komenty from men, Yes Volodenka – twist it in all poses of yoga.

Volodya put me this way and that.
I especially liked it when I stood “birch”.
And Volodya, then facing me, entered my pussy, then took out the member and inserted the member, with my back to me.
With my hands, I could not touch Volodya and therefore willingly passed into all possible postures.
Although according to the tempo, which was in different poses, I understood that it was so good that all my dear men fucked me under the pretext of a dark blindfold on my eyes.
All – all-all men, often replacing each other.
I liked this idea and now I myself waited, when exactly my macho would thrust his sledge hammer into me, well, I just wanted to break out with a stormy orgasm just under his member.
Yes! here is his sledgehammer.
HOORAY!!! I am happy to immediately immediately all the vaginal muscles stormy began to pull his sledgehammer. Best cam to cam sex.

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