Bongacams ru lera idram.

Bongacams ru lera idram.
Alexander pulled out of her mouth gag.
After a while, Marina said: “I will be a very obedient girl, and if I start to behave badly, then you will punish me.”
But you will not punish me without a very serious reason, right? – Of course I will not, my hand just will not rise.

And besides, you know, because I’m a completely non-drinker.
Alexander helped Marina to get up from the chair and fastened the second bracelet on her leg – Wait until I clean up.
– You do not trust – Marina has already come to herself, she grinned.
Alexander said nothing.
Marina sat down on a chair, letting in her shackled hands behind the back, and watched as Alexander put things in order in the dining room.
She first crossed her legs, and then, catching the gaze of Alexander, she grunted and defiantly smiling, spread her legs wide as the chain of shackles allowed.
– Again? Alexander took an interest.
“Sasha, what are you talking about, I do not understand,” Marina said emphatically in an angelic little voice.
– Marinochka, wait for me here while I take the shovel in place.
You fasten to the chair so as not to run away? – No, Sasha is not necessary, I am now a very obedient girl.
Alexander took the shovel to the back room, went back to the dining room and saw that Marina, before his arrival, again spread her beautiful legs wide in beautiful sandals.
Alexander stopped in the doorway and began to look intently at Marina.
She bent her head a little to the side and looked at Alexander with a happy expression on her face, showing with all her appearance that she had found someone whom she could not even dream of. Bongacams ru lera idram.

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