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Andrew quickly put on his pants, and froze, looking into my corner.
I saw him blush.
I told him not to be afraid of it, I, Zhenya, and gradually began to make my way to him.

He sat rooted to the spot and could not say anything.
I crawled closer and said that I was very pleased to look at him.

And so that he does not take offense at me, I suggested to him that he should watch me.
Then it will be fair.
He agreed, but still could not say anything.
I settled on the corner of his blanket.
She took off her panties, raised her sundress and spread her legs.
I saw how Andrew just brightened with happiness.
He watched, without stopping, as my hand slid on my very wet pussy.
I asked him to remove the magazines and that he can, do not hesitate, undress, and continue to continue, looking at me.
He took off his shirt and pants.
I threw off my sundress, and we both looked at each other naked and caressed ourselves.
I asked him not to hurry, but he finished very quickly.
“We continue?” Andrei nodded.
– What do you like most? – I really like the ass.

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I lay on my back.
spread her legs wide and lifted them higher so that he saw my second hole.
Andrei was ready again and began to caress himself again.
And so that it would be more pleasant for him to start stroking my hole with my finger and enter it a little.
– Maybe you can help me? I want you to caress my pussy tongue and gently finger my ass.
Andrew crawled and literally dug into me.
He directly drank me, and his tongue penetrated everywhere.
I took his hand and sent one of his fingers to my ass, he very easily walked into me.
We both groaned.
I removed his hand and asked to tongue caress my ass.
He did it with great pleasure and his tongue began to enter me very gently.
– I also want to caress you.
My sweet.
I crawled under him and took his dick in her mouth.
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