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That as scalded by boiling water, flew off to the side, and nearly swore obscenities

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The woman laughed at what she saw, and realizing his anger, she immediately turned to the joke.
– Zhenya, this is your friend in retaliation for my ass, so that he no longer poked, you understand? And then look, he looked open, and even with innocent arrogance in the face I began to look.

From cold water a member of a little limp, and its owner, too, quite calmed down.
He took her joke, and he decided to recoup.
– Well, Lurka hold on, now I’m your ass, nettle otkhlyschu in full.
He took two brooms, and alternately began to whip on her buttocks, until they were filled with bright crimson color.
Then he also walked along the shifted legs, jumped back, and then began again to slap on the ass, until she turned red.
– Zhenya, Zhenya, everything I give up, I will no longer, well, forgive me, take pity on my buns.
The man stopped, ducked, and smacked her alternately in each berry.
“Okay, so I’ll be spare, but so that your butt won’t throw out more such tricks.”
– Well, I’ll tell her everything, she played along, blushing at his kisses.
The man once again very thinly and gently walked whisk from head to toe and back over her slim figure, and set aside his instrument.
Carefully collecting all the leaves from the body, he again began to massage her.
His hands again kneaded his shoulders, stroked his back, abruptly stepped over to his feet, and then, as if furtively, moved along his legs to the coveted buttocks.
He crushed it with his fingers, pressed it down with his wide palms, and from their rotational strokings the buttocks moved apart slightly.
But when a wrinkled star appeared in a pink halo, he immediately switched from embarrassment to other parts of the body, dropping her puffy buns.
But he went there like a magnet.
The man walked his hands over the hips from the knees to these seductive hemispheres, and spread them with his thumbs at the very folds of buds by chance.

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But he did not have time to see either the dividing partition or her two holes themselves, with his eyes fixed on the face of the woman, waiting for a reaction.
Lera turned her head in his direction, and slightly opened her eyes.
The man immediately removed his hands from the obscene place, and began to knead her neck vertebrae.
From this Lera gave a slight moo and asked for more pressure.
What he did, and after a couple of tens of seconds, she moaned a long time from relieving fatigue after weeding.
Closing her eyes and opening her mouth, she began to turn off again.
The man cautiously again went down to the exciting ass, and began to push it at the same time with the relaxed hips.
Hoping to see her pussy with his own eyes, he apparently overdone it by excessive pressure on her delicate skin.
Lera stiffened like a spring, squeezing her hips and buttocks.
She did not throw away his hand, she simply opened her big eyes, and looked strictly at his brown eyes.
The man, as if stung, immediately removed the playful hands, and suggested that she turn over.
This is the first thing that occurred to him, since he was eager to see firsthand her naked pussy.
Lera did not object, but did not pass it to his actions, referring to fatigue and indisposition from the heat.
He put his palms under his chest and thighs, lifted her with one jerk, and threw up like a fluff, turned the body from his stomach to his back.
She slipped into his strong arms, and not expecting for the man himself, has developed in the lower back almost in half.
Lera fell between divorced limbs and fell to the floor.
Eugene reacted in time, he quickly squatted down, and caught her already in his lap.
She landed her ass right on the floor stiffened cock, and froze by surprise.
Yevgeny didn’t expect such turns of events and was very scared.
He felt guilty for himself that he almost dropped his beloved woman, so from this feeling, and the feeling of love for her, he squeezed tightly to himself.
Cuddling wet bodies to each other, Lera felt how his lion heart trembled, and under the ass poured a member, hardening with every second.
She also slightly mandraged, from the anticipation of this situation.
But realizing that her task was not to seduce, but rather not to succumb to the tricks of a man, Lera again reduced everything to a joke.
– Zhenyok, did you accidentally pierce me there? – No, he answered embarrassed – You see, in time I cooled your ardor, otherwise I would sit on a stake now.
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