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Her pretty back was painted with swollen stripes left by my belt, which crossed it in different directions, and the subject of my enthusiasm – elastic and elegant ass – was completely covered with bloody divorces.
Only her slender legs, with the exception of the thighs, were still intact.
I left them for dessert.

Then I took a close-up view of her tear-streaked face with eyes gone from orbit.
They were mute praying and animal fear.

The words were already to nothing: Lena hardly understood anything in what was happening.
Driving with my left hand along the trunk of my cock filled with violent desire, I continued.
Now, under the ruthless shelling fell her legs, more precisely – the area below the knees.
Lena choked on her own moans, and her frantic moo, breaking through the tightly glued tape, made my cock throb sweetly.
Very quickly, I felt that the moment of the climax was near.
The belt flew to the floor, I hurriedly tossed my right hand in aid of my left hand, and soon burst into abundant volleys.

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Long streams of sperm hit the body prostrate before me, rainbow circles danced before my eyes, and I fell down exhausted on all fours.
Dizzy, the lower abdomen voluptuous cramps reduced.
For the first time after Larisa left, I felt satisfied in full.
As it always happens, at the time I lost interest in what was happening.
Having pulled the first clothes I got on my arm, I left the kitchen, where with pleasure I poured into a bottle of mineral water, at the same time wondering how to get rid of Lena, without attracting any attention to myself.
For the first time my favorite fun could turn into serious trouble, and in my further actions there should be no mistake.
I returned to the bedroom.
The girl lay motionless, arms and legs spread out helplessly.
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