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Hello, Miranda, – he smiled.
For a long time did not appear.

Yes, some things were.
Are there new girls? One or two.
It seems this.
Appeared a couple of weeks ago.
While working well.
At least, no complaints have been received.
This is not surprising, because we do not have a book of complaints! Miranda laughed.
What kind of child is this? – Harry gestured toward the dark corner of the hall.
It? Nicole
She says she is eighteen, but I think she is not even fifteen.
She just arrived yesterday.
Today is her first evening.
Harry licked his lips, looking at the girl.
The tall, slender brown-haired woman instantly attracted her gaze.
Young, still developed breasts, long smooth legs, elastic ass, plump, slightly parted lips – it seems that it was created for love.
But her eyes were still quite childish.
Huge, blue eyes with velvet eyelashes were filled with childish naivety and gullibility.
The little girl looked around frightened, as if hiding in her dark corner.
What is it on her? – asked Harry.
Miranda laughed.
She is so shy that she asked for the most closed thing to eat.
Nicole was dressed in a light translucent dress of white lace, the hem of which nervously pulled her fingers.
Stockings with suspenders looked a bit out of place on her, but still pretty.
The key, Harry demanded.
Silently, Miranda handed him the key to the tenth room and a pack of paper napkins, and Harry slowly walked toward the girl.
At the sight of a man, Nicole pressed herself against the wall.
This is it, she thought in fright.
– “Began.
Is this really my first customer? Such a nasty!
Hello! – Harry smiled at her.
– What’s your name? Nicole, ”the girl replied, and, remembering Miranda’s advice, she smiled tightly.
You can not be afraid of me, I’m not a client.
My name is Harry Crumble.
I am the owner of this place.
Nicole exhaled in relief.
Do not be scared of me.

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I just want to talk to you.
I see you are scared.
Let’s go to my office so that you can rest a little.
I know that doing it for the first time is hard for everyone.
Nicole nodded, smiling more affably.
As they climbed the stairs, Nicole thought to herself, “Well, wow! What a gallant and courteous man! How nice of him to help me.
And he missed me forward, a real gentleman !.
“Harry no longer seemed so nasty to her as at the beginning.
Harry himself followed her, looking at all her charms.
“Oh! What kind of legs! ”He thought to himself.
– “Move your ass faster, whore!”
They passed through the corridor and were at the last door.
It was a special room.
She was furnished with a special chic and was intended solely for Harry.
No exceptions were foreseen.
They went inside, and Harry locked the door with a key.
Sit down, – he pointed to the couch.
The girl sank to the edge of the couch, and Harry opened a small bar, took out two glasses and a bottle of whiskey.
What do you! I do not drink! Harry looked at the girl in surprise and almost laughed.
Well, well, just a little bit, ”Nicole agreed, apparently realizing how silly she looked.
They drank, and the girl relaxed completely.
Where are you from? Harry asked her.
From Cuba.
My parents were French

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diplomats, but they were killed by rebels.
Killed? What a pity.
Sorry for asking.
Harry put his head down, barely suppressing laughter.
The sincerity and openness of this child amused and aroused him.
He crossed his legs to hide an erection.
I managed to escape, ”Nicole continued.
– I want to save money for a ticket and fly to France, to my uncle.
And Mrs. Miranada promised to help me.
She is so kind to me! “Miranda? Help? ”Thought Harry.
“This old manda cannot help himself!”
“Outwardly, he painted a polite smile on his face, peering at Nicole’s body, the benefit of glasses with thick lenses and congenital squint well hid it.
Have you ever done anything like this before? Not! Not! What do you? I’m still a girl! Harry almost spat out the whiskey.
Girl? No, he just can not carry! But I can dance, ”Nicole continued.
Striptease? – choking with laughter and excitement, asked Harry.
– Nicole thought.
– But I can try.
Harry walked over to the phonograph and put the record down.
Dance for me.
Do not be afraid to make a mistake.
Consider it a study.
Nicole smiled.
She was no longer afraid of Harry, and, rising to her feet, slowly spun around the room.
“Okay, well,” said Harry, looking at the girl’s beautiful body.
– Now take off your peignoir.
Nicole nodded, and slowly began to unbutton the buttons on.
my clothes.
Harry froze in anticipation, but then the girl got confused with one of the buttons.
Oh! Sorry! – She smiled guiltily.
– The button does not unfasten. Forced sex video online.

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