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The blonde turned out to be very much nothing! Not that “nothing,” but pretty! Her pretty face with a flat nose and plump little lips of scarlet gloss, blinded me! I slowed down on the spot.
The blonde smiled a little at me, noticing that I kept my eyes on her, oh how beautiful her face was.
Blue eyes never perceived by me, suddenly removed my tiresome heat, I was pleased.

The blonde took the hand of her spinogryz and they headed for the exit.
Her two round oval slightly bulged buttocks, knocked out of a thin brown sundress.
Cool ass, this blonde, I said to myself.
I was dumbfounded and he was dumbfounded.
Stunned, just two rarely combining factors in one woman: beauty and sexuality.
The blonde looked like a living doll, her tender white face was refreshed by her clear eyes, and the scarlet lips composed by nature under the kiss, expressed warmth and comfort.
A thin brown sundress wrapped her body like a candy, and each of her wonderful steps covered me with an irresistible burden to her! The blonde turned on me several times, probably, my persistent gaze reached her senses, she quietly dropped a quiet question – Is there something wrong ?.
– she raised her eyebrows, slightly darker hair, and straightened her long bangs.
– Nooo, everything is so, – I replied protractedly, following her, – Everything is very even so.

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You are very beautiful, so I look at you next.
The blonde raised her dark brows in a wave and said, “Others don’t think so.”
The blonde took the little boy by the hand, and they walked along the street.
I wanted to catch up with them, or rather her, young mother, a doll with a juicy booty.
I looked at her legs, and again I was completely dumbfounded by feminine beauty, the blonde was like the key to the piano, which gave a charming tune to my body.
– I do not believe that someone did not think so! – I caught up with a young mother and smiled.
– Believe me, my ex-husband says that I am a shabby sheep.
And he says that he is never wrong in anything.
“He was mistaken about you,” I said seriously, “Can I get your name?” The girl smiled, paused, looked at me and nodded her head in agreement.
She probably liked the green glow of my excited eyes, which was combined with my strict white jacket and pants.
My face spoke without words: I want you.
“My name is Kate,” she said with a kind smile, “And thanks for the compliment, you are also very cute, not like many young assholes.”
“I am Yuri,” I made a small bow with my head.
Katya lived alone, with a child, she kicked out her husband and deprived him of the rights to meet her son, since his father loved him more than vodka

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than his own child.
I escorted them to the house, we talked about each other nicely, and Katya told me what I expected from her all the way: – Yuri, come in, tonight, I can be bored alone, maybe we’re going for a walk.
The more I looked into her round face, the more she seemed to me the most beautiful doll of all beautiful girls and women.
She was very sweet and sexy, her face, smile, divorce of the lips and glitter of her eyes excited even more than what was covered with a thin sundress.
When Kate was surprised, she raised one eyebrow a little higher than the other, lifted a smooth chin with a dimple in the middle, and opened a little white smile with a smile. Foxyyasmin sex cam.

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