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Mind you, I’m jealous! But, nevertheless, you will have a reason to call on your darling again.
I protested.
What she is my favorite? But Mrs. said calmly: Do not be a fool.

Just need to make her one gift.
She will understand and she will be pleased.
The little thing will wonderfully fit into her gothic image.
She pointed to the bag and when I took out its contents, it turned out to be a heavy black box – openwork casting.
I opened the lid, there were longitudinal hollows for cigarettes.
On the inside of the lid, there was a piece of leather with deliberately torn edges and a two-line tattooed text: I am a slave, and I was a slave to obedience.
I was a witness to the enchantment of the night, the most beautiful of all the queens.
All that secretly covers the bed, Before the gaze, fiery and black, Their shudders, their groans.
I silently prostrated myself.
I saw them in the morning – near! I kissed sandal tracks More trembling dreams! On the wet morning sand.
And right up until the day I drank in me, my dreams were intoxicating, with my eyes, When the queen walked to the river. Free live sex tube.

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