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She hit my nose it became difficult to breathe, but the pressure did not stop, I tried to inhale with my mouth.
As soon as I opened my mouth, as soon as urine began to pour urine, Liz very carefully poured my face with her urine, I choked the urine in my nose, my throat had a very nasty taste and smell.
Finally she finished and I could breathe more freely, my whole face was covered with urine which mixed with my tears.

How dirty it all was, I didn’t know that it was possible to humiliate a person so much. I was very bad, I knew that things would only get worse, I’m really doomed, and I will have to constantly endure such mockery.
Go get her washed and drag her back, ”said Liz Jeannette.
She took me to a room with a pool, and poured me out of the shower for a few minutes, then led me into the room, threw the shorts off the floor, and sat with my crotch on my face.
Well, now let’s work with my ass whore and try not to screw it up this time, otherwise I will repeat what Liz did to you.
I started to lick Jeannette’s anus, I did everything as Liz told me, thrusting her tongue as far as possible into the anus, made circular movements there, Jeannette seemed to enjoy it, she quietly moaned and pressed her ass into my face.
Well, while you are busy, I will continue to explain to you the rules of this boarding house, ”Liz said,“ When you are bought at auction, and such a miniature beauty is definitely not ignored, you will become your lady’s thing.
She will put on you either a black collar with the emblem of a boarding house or a red collar with its own emblem.
The difference is that if she wears a black collar, it means that your lady does not mind if other elite girls use you when you are free from your lady’s assignments.
And if they put a red collar on you with the emblem of your mistress, with this she distinguishes you as her favorite, and this means that no one will dare touch you with your finger, as this will offend your mistress, from more than a hundred slaves in our boarding house about 15 are worn similar collars.

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Slaves with a red collar are considered “upper” and can reasonably use common slaves.
Yeah, while Liz explained the above, I was able to bring Jeannette to orgasm, she went limp and her crotch completely covered my face, depriving me of air, after about thirty seconds I began to choke and began to wriggle trying to get out of Jeannette.
Finally, she got up laughing and I was able to breathe deeply.

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Throughout the day, I was explained the different rules of the boarding house, I knelt in front of the sofa and licked the vagina and ass to my hostesses, they told me how and what to do, twice more I was covered with urine for inaccurately following their instructions.
By the end of the day my tongue was barely moving, I was tired, I wanted to sleep, but I had to endure and continue to lick the expiring vagina in turn and the rear holes that didn’t smell good.
Finally, they took me to the room where I spent the night, put me on my stomach down on the massage table where I had already gone through a lot of unpleasant moments.
Do I have to endure current discharges and vibrators again all night?
Liz and Jeannette had already gone for some bag and now they were whispering about something.
Suddenly, I felt that cold liquid was pouring on my anus, I started, it was very unpleasant.
Well, baby, it’s forbidden to touch your slit, and your ass will have to be worked out otherwise then you just can break it.
After her words, I felt like a long oblong object as thick as a finger enters my ass, I twitched and screamed, it was painful and uncomfortable.
When the item was introduced, I felt like my pussy was touched by something similar to a rope, and I had a belt fastened at the waist, as I understood its function of holding the item in my butt and preventing me from pushing it out.
We called this thing “asshole breaker” now its diameter is 1 cm wide.
and a length of 12 cm.
every hour due to air it will increase by 1 cm in width and 2 cm in length.
Stop it when it becomes 5 cm wide and 22 in length your little ass will become a huge hole into which any strapon can easily enter.
So, after four hours, he will finish increasing, and then you will tolerate him for five more hours, fixing the result, so to speak – with this, Jeannette and Liz left the room again leaving me to suffer in the dark all night.
Hot tears flowed from my eyes, and a night full of pain awaits me ahead of me.
Chapter 4 – Day Two. If I passed out the previous night and was able to get some rest, then this night I was not in danger. Free online sex stories.

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