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Katya had a very good condition and it didn’t give Olga peace, she wanted this money in order to avoid becoming her.
She hired special people who fixed every step of Ekaterina, introduced her people into her company in order to know how things were going with her.
All this has borne fruit, and Catherine, ultimately, was in complete slavery from the former girlfriend.

She also observed the girlfriends of Katya, she really wanted to turn them into powerless slaves, she hated them since her student days, when she was Katya’s slave.
She knew that soon these mothers’ daughters would be completely in her power, it was necessary to wait a little more time.
She constantly remembered how they injured her, and really wanted revenge.
Olga’s business went great, it gave a huge profit, everything was very streamlined, so she could afford to spend more time on her personal life.
She began to search for slaves.
After she sold Lenin’s house, she bought herself an apartment in one of the new houses in a residential area of ??Moscow, made an excellent renovation to his liking, along with Lenka.
She let the slaves go free, with the help of the strongest drugs and tranquilizers, she deprived them of reason and memory so that they could not tell anything to anyone, to put it in simple terms, make them insane.
On Lenka lay all the work at home, as well as the sexual service of the Lady.
Olga loved to get cunniling for hours.
She forced the slave to caress herself for several hours, she curbed her tongue at Lenka and strained her tongue when she served the Lady.
Olga was very demanding, if she did not like something in the actions of the slave, she cruelly punished her.
Olga didn’t stand on ceremony with her, Lenka was for her a man of the lowest grade, she turned her into her litter.
There was no trace of her former confidence, after half a year of serving her Lady, she was a downtrodden, hunted creature.
She understood any gesture of the Lady and immediately tried to warn any of her orders.
The lady only moved her finger, and the slave instantly tried to execute the order of her Mistress to please her.

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As soon as Olgin’s business began to improve, and more free time began to appear, she came to grips with the search for new slaves.
Have one slave, did not suit her vanity.
New slave she found right on the street.
One evening, Olga was driving her new Mercedes home, saw the girl voting at the bus stop and decided to stop to give her a lift.
The girl, of course, braked a ride and could not even think that the luxurious Mercedes of the executive class who had slowed down beside her stopped for her.
Only when the tinted glass was lowered, and she saw in the car behind the wheel a pretty girl who invited her to get into the car.
The girl came closer to the car, Olga said to her: “Sit down, give me a lift.”
– I have some money.

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down, I say, we shall understand.
The girl opened the door and got into the car.
-Where do you need? – Towards Kuntsev.
– I went all the same on the way, do not be afraid.
The girl was good-looking and her figure was also nothing.
Olga thought to herself that it would not be bad to break this beauty and subdue it.
She, in order not to scare the girl, decided to start a casual conversation with her.
-What is your name? -Sveta.
-My Olga, we will be familiar.
“Very nice,” answered Svetlana.
-I’m bored, so I decided to unwind, drive around the city at night, do not keep me company, and then I will take you right to your door.
Svetlana liked Olga’s proposal in her soul, she did not mind driving a luxury car, and she had free time, so she did not hesitate, she agreed.
-I’m happy, unless I give you any inconvenience.
-Not what inconvenience is out of the question.
We decided to go ride.
Olga gazed at a new acquaintance with a side-view and she liked her more and more.
From this gentle lamb there can be a lot of sense, – Olga thought to herself.
-Where do you work? -I am temporarily out of work, we had a reduction in our company and they fired me.
-What did you work? -Maker.
-What was the salary? – Fifteen to twenty thousand, depending on the load, sometimes had to work on weekends.
“Did you have enough money?” – Not really, I worked and looked for more paid work.
– Are you a Muscovite herself? -No, I came from the Perm region, we have a bad job, for me and this money was big.
One bad thing is to pay for a room every month for four thousand, I rent a room with a familiar girl from one grandmother, but it is tolerable to live, and not very much to pay.
Now fired, I go, looking for a job, but so far to no avail.
-Have you been looking for? – The second day, I cannot work without work, I will go again tomorrow.
-What’s your education? – I graduated from high school.
– I didn’t think about going somewhere.
– I would love to, but education is now paid, but there is no money to study.
– Parents do not help? -No, I have one mom, my father died when I was very young, but she is not up to me now, she has a new hobby now, and there’s nothing to help her with, her salary is only four thousand rubles, she could live by herself. Free private sex tube.

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