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Mom reluctantly turned.
He slightly pushed her forward to the stairs, and my mother leaned over.
MY MOM BECAME THE CANCER !!! Now I did not see that, but I saw all the most important things.

Saw sticking out her mother’s ass.
A man picks up his mother’s dress and pushes his mother in the direction of her panties, somewhere under the buttocks puts her dick to her.
I could not stand such a magnificent spectacle.
I felt it coming.
In order not to splash anything, I quickly pulled out my pussy, squeezed it and ran to the bathroom.
There, opening my hand, I threw out my sperm.
I once asked her: – Mom, have you ever changed your dad before? – Of course, because I was a young woman, and he was constantly on the road.
After these words, I felt a little excited.
– Tell me, only with details.
My excitement grew, and my mother noticed it.
Her story was quite long.
It turns out that for the first time she changed her father when she entered graduate school, with her supervisor, and then she went.
She had quite a few men.
She also tried with foreign students; there were her ebary and some of her father’s friends, there were colleagues at work.
Seduced mom and some of their students.
During her story, I fucked her several times, asking not to interrupt the story, and asked her about some details.
I was very excited that my mother, such a seemingly very decent and restrained, intelligent, associate professor, is in fact a very depraved woman.
I was really in love with my mom, and she really liked that her fucking excitement turned me on.
Mom asked if I would mind if she would continue

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to fuck with other men, I replied that, on the contrary, I would always be very happy about that, and I confirmed that I immediately fucked her, being in incredible agitation after such a question.

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And so it continued: Mom fucked not only with me.
When she came home after another fucker, she told me exactly how they fucked her today.
I immediately pounced on her and began to lick her.
She said that I wonderfully lick her pussy after someone else’s dick.
I had a taste for it, learned how to feel it, fucked her in a condom or not, then I fucked her, and at that time she told me in detail what she was doing to her.
But there remained one more, unfulfilled dream: to look quite closely at the way my mother fucked and, if possible, to take part in this process myself.
This desire grew more and more in me.
I began to persuade my mother more and more to arrange group sex for us.
She said it was dangerous.
But then she agreed, saying that it would be possible when her longtime standing and proven lover came to us, a certain Alexey Nikolaevich.
She believed that he would not mind and – the main thing! – that everything will remain between us.
And so it happened! He came! I will see how he fucks her in front of me! What is my mother brilliant! We sat in the kitchen, drank tea with jam, and Aleksey Nikolayevich made us laugh with new jokes that we knew a huge amount of.
And then my mom and I washed the dishes and whispered.
– I do not know how to tell him about it! He is already terribly shy of you! Maybe we will do that.
You will leave the apartment now.
for an hour, say, and then quietly open the door with your key and.
go to the bedroom? And I will try to prepare Alexei for this time.
And I agreed.
This hour seemed endless! Never have the clocks moved so slowly! I was sitting on a bench in front of the porch, looking blankly at the dial, and in my head, pictures stood up one by one.
Here is the mother – absolutely naked – goes to bed, so the man cumulates his body on her, so she spreads her legs, so he puts his dick in there and forcefully pushes him into her luxurious mother’s pussy.
How I wanted to be there in the bedroom! How I wanted to look at this miracle again and again – someone else’s fat fat dick in my mother’s hairy pussy! Free sexy webcam chat.

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